IncGamers: The Sabateur Preview

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani looks at one of EA's newest IPs, the stealth action/adventure title: The Saboteur.

"The Saboteur is a game that takes gamers to Nazi-occupied Paris during the war. Now before you start whining that this is another Second World War game, just hear us out. This isn't your standard "soldier story" affair; this is a whole new approach, and an approach that sees Pandemic, for the first time, using narrative to drive the game."

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user94220773465d ago

Prepare for about 20 comments in 10 seconds guys! lol

Alcon3465d ago

"IncGamers: The Sabateur Preview" ?
there is an error in the title. It should be Saboteur.

Other than that I'm really looking foward to this game. It looks like it might be a fun game to play.

Fyzzu3465d ago

Saw that as well, but it's been approved so I don't think they can change it now. Was an admin who approved the story so I guess it doesn't matter that much :)

thetamer3465d ago

This looks like an amazing game. If it has the same gameplay draw as mercenaries, this will be awesome.

Leord3465d ago

Hasn't been a truly epic one since Thief!

Fyzzu3465d ago

Whoo. That looks like a really cool idea for a game.