Koller says UMDs "always been a steady growth"

Senior Marketing Manager John Koller has had a lot to say about PSP in the past few days. The system, which is now two years old, has seen its share of successes and problems. One undeniable truth has been the lackluster sales of Sony's proprietary movie format, the UMD. Although the format is considered dead by most, Koller claims that the format has "always been a steady growth."

The problem with UMDs, he notes, is the inappropriate selection of movies in its catalog: "There hasn't been the drop off that's been reported. The movies that have had some selling problems, quite honestly would in any environment, are the ones that weren't targeted against that 16-24 year old demo, or even now as we get a little bit younger the 13-24 year old demo. They're not looking for the older catalog late 70s early 80s kind of movies. A lot of them weren't alive then."

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Diselage4758d ago

Maybe it's the fact that people don't want to buy the same movie in 2 different versions and when it comes down to which version they should get the UMD version doesn't win out when you can only watch it on your 3.5 inch screen compared to being able to watch it on a 20+ or 30+ inch screen.

Armyless4757d ago

Maybe they shouldn't charge as much for a UMD as a DVD. If UMD's cost $8.00 they'd sell just fine and the format wouldn't be dead, but charging the same price as a DVD is stupid stupid stupid.

artman4757d ago

it would be great if UMD drive is the same design as MD, so we can play MD on PSP~ i think it should be great~ I dunno why sony trying to creat UMD, where it can only play on PSP??

Covenant4757d ago

The UMDs that sell best at my store are the newer films that appeal to the 13-30 yr. old demograph. That's their primary audience, and they should address it with appropriate releases.

Also: Lower the price. No one want to pay $15-20 for a movie they already own on DVD. Make it $7-$10 and they'll sell. BUT:

Why not a download service? Sony's got a substantial catalogue of movies to offer--they should launch an iTunes-type service.