9 Lego Games You'll Never See

PC World: A not so long time ago, on a console not so far away, the Lego Star Wars video game came out--and it was great. So were its inevitable sequels. When they followed that up with Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman, I groaned a little--but those were still decent. Kid-friendly interpretations of popular franchises make a whole lot of sense. And considering that generations of creative builders have grown up with Lego, I've been okay with the idea of milking a childhood staple.

Until now.

This week came the news of a Lego Rock Band game. Seriously? Do I really have a need to rock my blocks off? I build my musician cube by cube instead of picking out clothes and facial features? Whoopie. I get to play in fantasy Legotastic locations? Yay. Maybe my niece will be excited. Me? I'd rather see someone take those lovable Lego people in different directions.

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