AppCraver Review: Awesome Ball

AppCraver writes: "Awesome Ball from Jonathan Johnson and Brian Pratt uses the iPhone's accelerometer to bounce a ball around your screen. The premise is basic: tilt the iPhone to bounce the ball. You can have your viewpoint shift to follow the ball (beware of motion sickness), or turn this feature off for a more stable environment.

Awesome Ball opens with a basketball in a room with a wooden floor and walls. I found bouncing the ball in this opening screen a bit boring. I changed the ball a few times to an eight ball and soccer ball, and then I discovered the fun of customizing the walls, floor and ball with photos from my photo album. A few blueberry pancake pictures later, I felt the pride of bouncing a ball in my own blueberry-studded room. I know, it sounds silly, but it made Awesome Ball surprisingly entertaining."

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