Dammit Game of the Week: Portal The Flash Version

GrE's Samantha Grundman writes, "Like Portal? Wanna play it at work? Well I have the game for you. This week's Dammit Game of Week is Portal: The Flash Version.

Personally, I hate puzzle games. Which is weird, because every study about female gamers tells me I should LOVE them. Guess we can't always trust those, now can we? By the way, I hate Portal. Yes, go ahead, tell me I'm crazy. I know I'm crazy. Why else would I be doing this? But I know there are a lot of you out there that like spending time with Aperture Science, so I figured I'd share this with you."

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Neco5124099d ago

Played through this one already, great game!

bgrundman4099d ago

It is worth playing again. I didn't realize how much I had forgotten.

bgrundman4099d ago

This game is ALOT of fun! Didn't they end up turning these into real portal maps as well?

CrAppleton4099d ago

Did they? I didn't know that..

Neco5124099d ago

That's cool! I had no idea they did that either

CrAppleton4099d ago

Yeah.. I've played through this one already too.. but for those of you who haven't.. it's awesome!

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