Pachter: Wii Software Sales Decline 'Disconcerting'

The fact that Wii software sales were down 26% in March when the hardware installed base has doubled in the last year is somewhat alarming.

Responding to the worse-than-expected March video game sales, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter talked a bit about the Wii's software sales. While the tough comparison with last March's Super Smash Bros. Brawl did make it a challenging month, he felt that Wii software sales still could have fared better.

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jeremyds3517d ago

Why the hell anyone cares what Michael Pachter says.

Anon19743517d ago

Say what you will about him but history has shown he's more right then he is wrong. Occasionally he'll give monthly sales predictions which are often out but that seems to have some question his credibility. No one can predict the sales numbers month to month with any degree of accuracy, but when it comes to industry changes...when he speaks you dismiss his comments at your own peril.

Of course, if you're not interested or don't follow the business side of the industry you probably aren't going to agree with what Pachter has to say.

And because someone is bound to bring it up...Pachter was not the guy who said Sony would be putting out a PS3 without a Blu-Ray player.

edgeofblade3517d ago

Agreed, I have out-analyzed him several times. I predicted the 360 psudo-price drop with the larger hard drive wouldn't move consoles while he said it would. Once the numbers came in, I was SO right...

The_Zeitgeist3517d ago

He's a smart dude with a history of making the right calls. People like that don't just build up a name for themselves out of thin air.

Smacktard3517d ago

Has Pachter been right about anything this gen, though?

Anon19743517d ago

He correctly predicted the PS3's first price cut and MS's price cuts as well. He predicted the GTA4 delay, Final Fantasy going multiplatform. Xbox 360 struggles in Japan, WiiFit success. He predicted EA's bid for Take Two, last year's summer hardware slump and success of the first Cooking Mama. Those are just a few.

Sure he's not right all the time, no analyst is...but he's still right more often then he's wrong.

Smacktard3517d ago

Pachter's predicted PS3 price cuts on many different occasions. He also said that Nintendo "won" the last E3 (personally I think that nobody was a winner, and that the true losers were the people who actually watched any of them, but I digress...) when most every other place called it one of the worst E3 conferences ever. Also, he originally predicted that FF13 would NOT go multiconsole. Not that it would. You got that part wrong. He also predicted that the PS3 would beat the Wii, that Wii 2 would be available in 2009, that a new Wii Zelda game would be available this year.

Anyone could've predicted the 360 wouldn't sell well in Japan and that Wii Fit would sell lots.

When you get as many right as you get wrong, that doesn't really make you an analyst. It makes you a professionally-paid guesser. Anyone old sap could be one of those, just without the "professionally-paid" ; part.

jordanlund3517d ago

It's easy to correctly predict a price drop when you make the same prediction every month. You're bound to be right one of those times.

Pachter also said that Sony would move their stock of 80GB PS3s from Europe to the US to clear them out, despite the fact that European units have different power and video standards.

crck3517d ago

A blind lobotomized chimp could "predict" 360's struggle in Japan and GTA4 delayed (after it was shown barely running behind closed doors at E3 2k7). He also said the EA/Take Two deal would go through without a doubt which of course it didn't. IOW I think your giving him way more credit then he deserves although he does seem like a likable fellow.

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TriforceLightning3517d ago

Tell em' why you mad Darkride?

Seferoth753517d ago

It is funny really. If anyone did that much trolling of PS3 they'd be banned but he trolls all day long in the Wii news and its all ok.. Also funny that Pachter is never right until he says something negative about Wii and suddenly he's the best analyst in the industry. Wonder how he feels about pachter when he goes back tp predicting last place for Sony.

Anon19743517d ago

And I'm not trolling the article, I submitted the article. I even pointed out above Pachter predicting many Wii successes.

Seferoth753517d ago

I think it is easy to explain. Rather than buying Wii games last month people got SF4 and RE5. But how does he feel about PS3 lower than expected sales? Why doesnt Sony failing have any affect on the industry? I mean other than them being in last place and having no real affect on the industry as a whole.

Other than that though I think its time people start talking about Killzone 2 taking 2 months to hit 1 million when it was THE game that was taking Sony to first. So a month after Killzone2, SF4, and RE5 all hit Sony pS3 and it is still dead last, the only thing worth noting is less than average Wii software sales? last year Wii owners had SSBB, this year they didnt. not hard to figure that one out.

I'm still more interested in why Sony wasnt first when they had all those AAA must own titles hitting.

The_Zeitgeist3517d ago

Your comment is so ignorant on so many levels that its sickening.

Anon19743517d ago

Killzone 2 did not take 2 months to hit one million, first off. I don't know why you keep lying about sales. Anyone can look and verify this themselves. Secondly, everyone had lower then expected sales. Pachter predicted March sales would be pretty flat as last year saw GTA4 and Super Smash launch around this time while this year there was nothing as high-profile. Sales across the board were lower.

The article is about the Wii's base doubling and software sales falling. How about you try to stick to the topic at hand for once instead of making everything about your sick, anti-Sony fetish.

Argento-Nox3517d ago


For someone that cries/moans/whines so much, your avatar is quite fitting ---> cry baby much (;_;)?.

ultimolu3517d ago

....I think your avatar is better suited for yourself. I mean...I have never see a Wii fanboy cry this much in my entire life.

Everything you say is wrong and illogical.

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