How Konami's MGS4 May Sneak Around PSN Charges

The revelation that Sony charges publishers for bandwidth on PSN explained what had, previously, been a puzzling part of Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) business model.

In Invisible Engines by David S. Evans, Andrei Hagiu and Richard Schmalensee, the authors point out how various business models are built around software platforms. In particular, a software business model must choose carefully which groups that access the software (developers, end-users, among others) should pay fees for that access. (More on the book here.)

Console platforms charge developers for access to development software and distribution while end-users get the hardware for near cost.

The Xbox Live platform appears to be subsidized to a great extent by the subscription fees paid by the top-tier users. Since Sony doesn't charge users for access to PSN, the publishers are getting charged.

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PirateThom4095d ago

Considering the charges were brought about in October, months after the full game even released, I fail to see how that could have been a last minute decision on Konami's part.

Lucreto4095d ago

I though Konami just wanted to keep all the profit for themselves by using their own servers and fund it with DLC.

Anyway they still have to pay for servers if they went PSN or by themselves.

PirateThom4095d ago

That's exactly why they did it (and I still think had it been on PSN, even with any charges) they would have made more money due to more people being able to play thus being able to buy content.

Not to mention, in various regions Konami have quite sizable demos for MGS4, MGO and the free Metal Gear Database.

Nineball21124095d ago

I can understand why Konami made their decision about online play, but (imo) it backfired.

I never touched MGO, and I even signed up for it. But (if I remember correctly), I had to have a different sign-in ID other than my PSN id. By the time I finished the SP part (and played some other games), I actually forgot my password for the MGO part. (Yeah, that's my bad).

But, if I could have just logged on like all the other games, I probably would have at least tried it out. Maybe I would have bought some DLC, maybe not. But I sure didn't buy anything since I never played it.

It was a wrong decision on Konami's part.

thor4095d ago

Of COURSE they did it to make more money from it. #1 example - you could only have 1 account PER CONSOLE (when you can have as many PSN IDs as you like), if you wanted more, or more characters, you had to PAY!!!

It backfired HUGELY - with millions of people buying the game just for the single-player, you've effectively got millions of people who might buy your DLC who wouldn't even have bought the game in the first place! But they ruined it by ditching the PSN integration.

It's a dire shame because I LOVED MGO - I thought it was really fun and unique, if a little laggy.

locos854095d ago

Same thing happened to me with MGO. all the time it took to sign up and DL I never ended up playing it. I don't thnk I missed much. I play MGS for the SP not the online.

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Lucreto4095d ago

This article is nearly a year late the damage was done as it were.

It is a compromise between live and PSN. Live with a regided structure and an upper limit but get a subsidy to help. To an open network with little restrictions but have to pay more. It is a choice the developer needs to make.

DLc is funding the games look at LBP they could lower the price of the game as they are making a small fortune on DLC.

phosphor1124095d ago

Mainly because Konami's servers are extremely slow and frankly, I couldn't afford all the game DLC's they added. A single CODEC pack costs around 4 USD which is highway robbery.

I'm convinced the Japanese have yet to create a great online MP experience, because so far, I only get that with North American and European developers.

_Q_4095d ago

One of the most insightful and informative gaming articles I'v read in quite a while.

Coheno4095d ago

Get your simple facts straight before writing an article this long... The game was out April 2008, the charges started in October 2008! I mean ...come ON!

IdleLeeSiuLung4095d ago

lol... the kettle calling the pot. Either that or you are just not being very specific.

MGS4 had a worldwide release in June 12, 2008. The game beta was released in April 08'.

Coheno4094d ago

My bad, I was thinking of the Beta, that as you said, was in april... Nevertheless, article still makes no sense...

Mitch_Cumstein4095d ago

Metal Gear online structure is terrible and completely unorganized. It literally was/is one big clusterf**k.

Initially I blamed Konami for all of MGO's online problems, but obviously the party responsible for this crap is Sony.

This is why the PSN isn't free. It doesn't cost any direct money perse, but there are other ways of paying for things. Less content, late delivery of content, and general inconsistencies all around.