App Store Insider: Can't Code? Find Someone To Do It For You writes:

"I am not an application developer, I simply write for an iPhone application website, there is a big difference. Some days I wake to find emails from people asking for tips on how to get their "great application ideas" started, or other emails asking where to find developers who will build an application at a low cost. It may sound surprising to you, but I truly don't have all of the answers.

My personal lack of knowledge in this area made me take a second look at iPhone application development. It's not like I went out to purchase some how-to books, I just started digging around the Internet to see what it is other people have successfully accomplished on their own, just so I could have something to recommend to others."

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Odie4100d ago

...Especially the planning part.

dubbalubagis4100d ago

A well thought out plan is the key to everything, not just iPhone application developing.