Breaking: Both Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu as Madden NFL 10 Cover Athletes

After all the possible candidates announced, both Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu will be featured as Madden NFL 10 Cover Athletes. It's only fitting that for the first time ever, two NFL superstars will be on the Madden cover in Fitzgerald and Polamalu.

Since John Madden has retired from broadcasting from the NFL booth and BOTH Fitzgerald and Polamalu will be on the cover instead of one athelete, is this the end of the Madden curse?

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koston36474095d ago


all these people arguing its the same game over and over again im not disagreeing but i have yet to buy a single madden game so i think its time and it seems great to me

mrjuandrful4094d ago

Without Anquan Bolden he will not be as effective!

steel214094d ago

The cover does not actually look half bad (even though we all know Fitzgerald could never get through Polamalu). Troy Polamalu is way too tough to be hit by the curse anyway, no worries