Nintendo Dominates MCV Awards For Third Year

Nintendo has dominated London's seventh annual MCV Industry Excellence Awards for a third year, as Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet and publisher EA also earned honors.

Nintendo won the award for best PR Team, Games Campaign (for Wii Fit) and Marketing Team. The company also picked up the MCV Retail Advisory Board Special Recognition award.

After going to Nintendo for three of the previous six years, this year's Grand Prix award went to EA Sports - with Peter Moore flying in to pick up the award personally.

Other winners included Xbox Live Experience for Marketing Innovation and Fallout 3 for Sales Triumph. Sony's LittleBigPlanet won best New Games Brand – beating out competition from Codemasters' Race Driver: GRID and Nintendo's Professor Layton.

The list of winners in full is:

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Gr813517d ago

News article that won't get much attention because it is showing Nintendo in a positive light.

PirateThom3517d ago

Nintendo are like Apple. There's better options, but they're marketed in such a way people HAVE to have it.

SpoonyRedMage3517d ago

Well there's one key difference. Nintendo give a crap about their consumers put a thought to reliability and durability(something Apple seems to fail at).

Although I'd hesitate to call Sony or MS better to be honest, higher powered yes, better? unsure.