Street Fighter IV 360 patch breaks online functionality

The internet is awash with reports that the Xbox 360 title update for Street Fighter IV released this morning has broken the game's online modes.

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heroicjanitor3491d ago

Maybe everyone got bored of it xD

- Ghost of Sparta -3490d ago

You get what you pay for, am I right? :)

viperman2403491d ago

For 360 owners, hopefully they fix this issue.

mastiffchild3491d ago

No not just for 360 owners but for us all. This gen both console makers/online service providers with shoddy harware, messed up firmware updates and broken promises and third parties with gouging and dodgy downloads have all taken advantage of us gamers regardless of platform.

No doubt the issue will be fixed but coming soon after the furore over the RE5 Vs content it doesn't seem good and with the whiff of another Bethesda foul up in the atmosphere it almost seems that we really are being given rushed product/content that should've been on the disc as DLC or untested releases that can break what we already have.

First I grew worried that the ability to patch post release would lead to iffy quelity of games at release and now even designed DLC seems to be either buggy or broken itself. Maybe after MS didn't get forced nto a mass recall post RROD it sent out a message that gamers will put up with pretty much anything without real protest-and in some cases continue to champion companies selling us short or arrogantly relying on our compliance(MS and Sony respectively) or plainly holding real gamers in disdain(like Nintendo).

This is just another symptom of the malaise sweeping the industry(and kept propagated by the likes of /6 and Bethesda)and what worries me most is now the hell we'll get treated next generation after rolling over for mistreating this one. Honestly we've put up with far too much and fought amongst ourselves while the real culprits within gaming count the profits made from us off their mistakes and slipshod work and don't even apologise fully for messing us about-all the time!

We should unite rather than argue over which faceless conglomerate loves us most(yeh right!)as even while I feel MS has recenrlt done less flor gaming's future than sony I'm not so blind as to think it's anything other than a different plan to part me from my cash-hell maybe even MS are being more honest in plainly chasing market share. but, whatever, we need to put a brake on the treatment we get from all these companies-Capcom were once famed for listening to gamers!Is this how damn far it's gone?

edgeofblade3491d ago

If you had a PS3 and a 360, why would you choose the 360 version over the PS3. I might have a 360 logo in my avatar, but the DS3 is far superior for fighting games.

IdleLeeSiuLung3491d ago

In almost every way is the PS3 version better or the same except for two things:

- graphically the 360 version is slightly better (barely visible), but probably not enough reason
- the online community is marginally larger on the 360
- finally, I suck at this game so I can whopp people that use the 360's d-pad since they are bound to make mistakes.... lol

Seriously, my 360 is more accessible in the two locations I am at. I only have one PS3, but two 360s.

MiloGarret3490d ago

I recently traded my 360 SFIV for the PS3 version because of the DS3, I'm really happy about my choice but in my experience the 360 version is far superior in terms of visual quality and getting into a game takes about half the time on the 360 (at least in Europe).

The PS3 is still superior because it's ridiculous to try and play with the 360's D-Pad and/or analog sticks compared with the PS3's D-Pad so I'm happy to wait the extra time.

Don't flame, just stating opinion. Now bye bye, it's friday and I'm going to get drunk.

fredy3490d ago

then the consoles doesnt matte besides the 360 version looks better. if ur broke then go with the better standard controller, well the ps3.

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OmarJA3491d ago

So much for the superior Live... :D

50$ what a joke. :D

viperman2403491d ago

What does live have anything to do with it? It was a Capcom error not lives.

talltony3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

everyone knows that ps3 games have their share of problems too. I mean i like ps3 better but come on their has been games that didnt even work fully on day one.

Edit: I swear any criticism I say about ps3 I get disagrees. The more disagrees I get just shows that this site is filled with ilogical fanboys, come on people wake up!!!

Nitrowolf23491d ago

He is just getting back at some 360 fans, it just part of the whole console war.
I mean how many times have PS3 game been patched (and not a sony game) and someone blames PSN for it?

blackbeld3490d ago

360 breaks before the patch already.... it's not because the capcom SF4 patch.....

Microsoft f^gs are pathetic..

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Miraak82 3491d ago

w/e, I'll just stick with SSF2THD remix

BigKev453491d ago

It works on the 360, I just played the championship mode.

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