TNG - The Godfather II Review

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "There was a time when video game reviews were near irrelevant. Most gamers would just take a look at the back of a box and determine whether or not they would purchase a game based on what they had seen. When choosing a game in this archaic manner, gamers are often left disappointed with the game itself. The lovely box-art on the front and the promises made on the back of the box rarely came true and you were simply left with a dull, frustrating game. The Godfather II is reminiscent of one of these games of the past that seem alluring simply because of an interesting backside. Conceptually, The Godfather II sounds rather interesting. However, in terms of execution, The Godfather II is completely average in almost every area and feels more like a chore to play than a joy."

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