Pachter: It's pointless to make mature DS games for nonexistent audience

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has stated that there is no point in making mature games for the DS.

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DragonWarrior_43462d ago

So what he is saying that its pointless to make great games for the DS. Im actually glad they made it. Chinatown Wars is more fun then GTA4. I like Pacther, hes a pretty cool old guy, and I know hes speaking about business sense, but really what we need is more good games on the system, not less.

Genesis53462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Well your not going to get a whole lot more when it sells 60 thou to a user base of 100 million. (Meaning M rated games)

Nineball21123462d ago

Look, I appreciate your point about needing better games on the DS, but let's face it.

Handhelds are considered "gaming systems for kids". That's not entirely fair, but at the same time, it's not far off the mark.

The perception is that the DS and the PSP are aimed towards younger kids. Everyone knows the history of GTA, and parents just aren't going to be buying that game for their kids.

Patcher is correct, imo.

Ghoul3462d ago

sad isnt it.

It's sad to see that such awesome games have no real future on the ds.
On psp it would have sold ALOT better, i really hope nintendo manages to attract a more "mature" Audience in the future.

va_bank3462d ago

I don't think that's true.

Last time I got on a plane, there were 4 people with PSPs and a bunch with DS. Everyone with a PSP was an adult and everyone with a DS was a child.

gaffyh3462d ago

I really have a big issue with playing my DS nowadays. There are only a few quality titles e.g. Zelda, Professor Layton, Henry Hatsworth etc. All I'm waiting for is Golden Sun really, and I haven't played my DS in a while. I don't see what everyone thinks is so great about it. The PSP is much better, even though I haven't played that much lately either, it just has more quality titles.

On topic - I think sometimes, the devs have to learn the hard way. You can say the same about Okami, MadWorld, and I'd even be surprised if the Conduit sells well now. All these games DESERVE fantastic sales, but they're not even outselling crappy 360/PS3 multiplats

Einhander3462d ago

No one's saying developers should stop making great games for the DS, they're saying they should stop making mature games for it. Since when did a game have to be rated M to be considered "great"? Henry Hatsworth and Professor Layton are awesome games for all ages. As long as they keep making games like these I'll be happy.

DragonWarrior_43462d ago

To everyone that disagreed with me,,, go f*ck yourselves. I dont care if I get banned for life. All of you little b*tches take bubbles, disagree for no reason but because your [email protected] with no f*cking life. I hate all of you, im done with commenting on this site cause no matter what, I got fanboys on both sides that give me hell for not being biased. Then I got you @ssholes that hate me simply because I give honest and truthful opinions. Go f*ck yourselves. better yet, go get laid, Im sure there are more things that you can do with your lives then to sit here and give someone hell for no apparent reason.

BTW, go ahead, sit here and troll all f*cking day. I will be playing on my new 106 inch screen with my 1080p 120 hz projector while most of you are still using the tvs your mommy and daddy bought you 2 years ago. I have all systems, enjoy them, and I hope to god publishers stop trying to cater to you retards and start making games that matter. Most of you dont want good games on the ds just so you can play you mediocre ones on your pathetic little tvs on your fav console, All of you are the reason why hardcore is dying. F*ck you all. Just die , your wasting everyone, including your loved ones time with your petty bullsh*t. F*ck you too mods for having favorites, and only banning people that make sense on this piece of crap site. All of you can burn in hell for all I care.

Ghoul3462d ago


your taking gaming FAAAR to serious, go a out little meet friends etc.
your kinda on the edge...

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Omega43462d ago

Its so true, games like GTA:CW, Madworld, Okami and TWEWY are all wasted on the Wii and DS casual audience. All great games but the people who would really appreciate them all got HD consoles or a PSP.

But then again a lot of those games wouldnt be as good as they are without Nintendo's unique control schemes

SpoonyRedMage3462d ago

I disagree with the last two because Okami failed on the PS2 as well and the sales of TWEWY mean nothing as it's done as well(if not better) than most of Square's RPGs. Just not as well KH, FF or DQ.

cereal_killa3462d ago

I really wish this guy would just retire and leave the guessing of the gaming industry to the fanboys.

SuperM3462d ago

As often as pachter may be wrong, he still makes his predictions based on statistics and not just wild guessing and although everyone seems to think they can do a better job then him i swear you wouldnt even be close.

And this is not a prediction, its the truth. Its not profitable to make mature games for the DS.

va_bank3462d ago

I can't stand that pr*ck, but he might be right about this. For once.

Fishy Fingers3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

People blame it upon the DS demographics, but personally I think piracy/R4 is just as much to blame. I've found GTA:CW torrents with over 100,000 total downloads. More than the game has yet sold.

All you hear about is PC and to a lesser extent 360 piracy. But the DS is probably the worst culprit because of it's tiny file sizes.

pwnsause3462d ago

PSP is even worse though, you dont really need something like an R4 to allow pirated games to be played on the console.

Fishy Fingers3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )


The PSP requires homebrew, something that the majority of PSP owners know nothing about. The R4 is easily available and my granny to put a copied game on it. The PSP is no where near as bad as the DS.

Example: Its estimated 90% of North American DS owners own the R4 There is no way that anywhere near that percentage of PSP owners have homebrew, let alone understand it.

"In America it's thought 90 per cent of Nintendo DS users are playing pirated games because of R4s," said John Hiller, manager of the ELSPA's Intellectual Property Crime Unit."

Check some torrent sites if you wish, DS games have far higher DL totals than that of PSP.

Oh and if you do disagree, please explain why.

Omega43462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Are you serious!? PSP piracy is a hell of a lot worst than the DS. I dont know anyone who has a PSP and doesnt use torrented ISOs. Infact it seems like the only people who dont know about it is the Japanese

The DS on the other hand, well i didnt even know the DS could be pirated until buying like 4 games for it and deciding it wasnt worth my money to buy more games so i googled it to see if it was possible and i managed to find out about it. And that was ME, and i personally think i know quite a bit about games

EDIT: The reason DS games got higher downloads could be cause the same person dwnloads multiple versions of the same game just cause the size is so small. Even i do that because a lot of the time the DS roms dont work and you have to find one which works with your M3/R4 card. Unlike PSP isos where they will work regardless and if they dont its usually the firmware not the dwnload

Menchi3462d ago

Considering a single firmware update can make your PSP very difficult to do homewbrew on, I'm much more inclined to believe PSP isn't as pirated.

The latest edition of the PSP also has a physical limitation that prevents any form of homebrew, at all.

The PSP isn't *difficult* to "hack" if you know what you're doing, and you have the necessary equipment. Pandora battery, early firmware and preferably, a PSP Phat. In some cases, specific titles are needed too.

Each one of these, that you lack, makes it more and more difficult. The lack of an early firmware, and a PSP Slim will most likely push it past the ambitions of a good 80% of the PSP market.

I don't know any people in Real Life who have home-brew enabled PSP's [I use it for PS1 games, that I own, mind], outside of myself, and I know a fair number of PSP owners.

Every single person I've met with a DS, has R4 installed, and a pretty large number of games already installed.

Anecdotal, but none the less, to say it's easier to "hack" PSP is ignorant.

heroicjanitor3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

90%!? That is ridiculous just proves you shouldn't believe eveything you read, someone forgot to carry the one or something because there is no way that figure is true. Can you imagine all of the moms and dads knowing what r4 is, then ordering it online? I can't.

Edit: Yeah I agree that it is extremely easy to pirate games on it and that it is highly pirated, but that doesn't mean 90% of ds owners have r4 cards, if they did there would be virtually no sales for any game since the people who went to the trouble of getting r4 cards didn't do it for nothing.

Fishy Fingers3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Ok, another example, using Mininova and the top seeded game in each category:

PC: Fallout 3, total DLs = 59,951
360: The Godfather 2, total DLs = 4,172
PSP: Resistance Retribution, total DLs = 33,903
DS: Professor Layton, total DLs = 84,162

Or more related to the article. GTA:CW, total DLs = 53,570

heroicjanitor: I think the ELSPA's Intellectual Property Crime Unit have a better idea of the numbers than you or I. They came up with the 90%, not me.

Omega4: "The reason DS games got higher downloads could be cause the same person downloads multiple versions of the same game just cause the size is so small" What? Why would anyone do that? Rather than just copy it.

We can all imagine the weak sales are due to the DS demographic (and they largely are), but there is no denying those numbers and the part they would have played in effecting sales.

gaffyh3462d ago

I'm gonna go ahead and agree with Fishy, the DS is A LOT easier to hack than the PSP. You just buy a card, and that's it. The PSP hacking actually requires thought and RISK, meaning some people won't even try it.

DS hacking is so bad, that one time I got on a train, and old lady sat next to me. She pulls out a pink DS Lite. So I'm thinking "She's probably going to play Brain Training", but no. It loads up to, what I assume is, the R4 menu screen, she scrolls down, and starts playing Lego Batman DS!

PSP games sell less on average because the install base is like half of what DS's is. 50 million to 100 million+!

pwnsause3461d ago

i didnt disagree with you BTW, its just the thought of seeing a friend of mine easily hack into a PSP with an ease the other day was just the thing that helped me to get to that theory.

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TheMART3462d ago

Thats what Nintendo has become sad graphics and gimmick controls like touch screens and motion sensing controlls for those that can't handle real controllers or pushing some handheld buttons.

felidae3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

yeah man, we got it!

now calm down. if you don't like Nintendo anymore - fine for you. i play videogames for over 20 years and i think the DS + the Wii are good for what they are. DS games are 10x more fun than anything on the PSP. do you really think millions of gamers are blind?

Chinatown Wars may not sell that good but it's definitely more fun than GTA IV and all the PSP GTAs combined.

Hisiru3462d ago

I have: DS, ps2, Wii, 360 and psp

I play videogames for over 10 years, and now my favorites are DS and 360. Seriously, i think that my DS is more fun than my PSP, and the GTA: Chinatown wars is more more more fun than any other GTA (not the GTA IV). Stop crying, stop being fanboy and let's shake hands and play videogames

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