Bayonetta Modeler Likes "Perfect Backsides", It's Just The Way He Rolls

PushSquare: "Here is the bum of the protagonist from upcoming Platinum Games release Bayonetta. It looks rather perfect doesn't it? That's because it's been lovingly crafted by the game's modeler Kenichiro Yoshimura."

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Andor_Trask3466d ago

I feel a tingling sensation

get2sammyb3466d ago

I must assure you that is normal!

TheTimeDoctor3466d ago

unless its in your left arm.

Cosmo Kramer3466d ago

I believe I had your license plate by mistake once.

Tito Jackson3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Best. Character. EVER.

I bet the motion capture session for this was a blast. ;)

pwnsause3466d ago


OH GAWD the irony of those two communicating with each other....

George Costanza3466d ago

Hey Kramer, meet up at Monk's tomorrow?

Elaine Benes3466d ago

George?!!!?! And Kramer?!?!?!

What are you two doing here??! I cant go anywhere with either one of you popping up outta no-where!
Look, whatever you do, dont tell Jerry I was here.

micro_invader3466d ago

lol WTF?!

I didn't know we going to have our very own real-time seinfeld show on N4G. That awesome!

Keep it coming guys! XD

xabmol3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Seinfeld reunion on N4G?!


Jerry Seinfeld3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

It's not like you can touch that @ss. It's just a big tease, but a mighty nice one I have to say.

Elaine is that you?!

Elaine Benes3466d ago

Uh...what are you doing here?!
Is Newman stalking you again??

cyberwaffles3466d ago

for christ sake, quit making a big deal out of it. pixel is obviously straight and i agree with him. as much as i loved mgs4, i still coundnt stand how prominently-viewed snake's ass was when he layed prone. it seems weird, its like hideo did it on purpose like that gross raidenovich teaser footage in mgs3 where it focused on all his private parts. if it was this bayonetta chick, then i would be all good.

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Pixel_Addict3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

it would be for apple bottom booty modeling ;D

I am tired of playing 3rd person games with a camera fixated on male form! If I have to stare at a game character for around 8 hours it might as well be a hotass babe! Why so many grown men rather play a spy wearing tight black outfits (Splinter Cell, MGS4) is beyond me. I think a lot of gamers have something to confess come Thanksgiving dinner.

table3466d ago

we like to pretend that we are solid snake/sam fisher. that's why.

AKNAA3466d ago

"Why so many grown men rather play a spy wearing tight black outfits (Splinter Cell, MGS4) is beyond me. I think a lot of gamers have something to confess come Thanksgiving dinner. "

Get a girlfriend and maybe you'll feel more comfortable with your sexuality and be able to play as solid snake.

Tito Jackson3466d ago

I love that movie. "You kids want a can of purple?"

Pixel_Addict3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

I get that, its escapism. Every game though??? Don't get me wrong, pretending to be a bad ass spy or a hardened soldier carved from granite is cool.I'm asking for variety though.

By the way, you can project your life on to me AKNAA, but you really are drawing your conclusions about me from your own experiences. If you weren't so damn defensive you'd realize that in a third person game your not pretending to be someone else you are CONTROLLING someone else. Thats why its called - drum roll please - THIIIIIIRD person. Maybe you should look-up the word third person.

Third person male characters are not bad, and the fans of them are not crazy or gay for liking them. I was just being facetious.

PS360PCROCKS3466d ago

Shh you can't use words like facetious, most of the 15 yr olds on this site don't know what it means. Other terms not understood on this site: respect, irony, humor, common sense to name a few...

AKNAA3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

I won't look up the word "facetious" and pretend like I know exactly what it means because it's just a waste of my time... you know, debating against a fully grow, mature intellectual guy that suddenly changes the subject from his insecurities of playing as male characters to the definition of a third person is pretty weak dude...

And since I'm 15yrs. old like you claim( thanks, I feel young again!)maybe you can clarify your explanation of A third person? am I PLAYING "AS THE CHARACTER"(like I mentioned) in third person view or controlling this character in third person view?! so from your statement, does this mean that I become the character if I play a first person shooter?! or am I still "playing as" the character?

which character do you play as in gears of war again???

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table3466d ago

are you gay dude? I wish my g/f had an ass like that...

BLuKhaos3466d ago

Maybe he likes a bigger booty... or maybe he is gay.

Fishy Fingers3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Or perhaps he likes, you know, the real female anatomy. Rather than drooling over an array of pixels. On a different day that could of been Marcus Fenix forehead.

George Costanza3466d ago

Yea stewgart, I also wish your gf had a ass like that! ;)

Jokes asside (pun?), is anyone really surprised given they've introduced the character in such a sexual way to begin with.

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redsquad3466d ago

I must confess to being a 'booty' rather than 'booby' sort of chap. That's why me and Lara Croft never clicked, I suppose!! ;)

Tito Jackson3466d ago

I loved that showed. Soooo hott. Want to touch the hiney....

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