Fan Support Could Bring Back Cancelled Makai Wars

PushSquare: "Some of you may remember an ambitious strategy/puzzle game that was planned for the PSP and moved to development on the Playstation 3. Then it was resurrected for both. Then… No more. The game has been put on hold indefinitely… unless fans want it enough."

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BlackIceJoe4091d ago

I liked Makai Kingdom and I think Makai Wars would be cool too. So I hope the game does not get canceled. I also would love to see some great Cameos too. May be some from Disqaea and other NIS games.

housegroove764091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

hell yes bring out this game!!! Makai Kingdom was a blast, Zetta being the best character in the entire Nippon Ichi universe. He's my number one character in Disgeae 3