Blend Games: SBK Superbike World Championship Review

Blend Games:
I like good racing games: the Mario Karts, the Burnouts, and the Gran Turismos. I've tried plenty of other racers, but it seems like everything wants to be everything to everyone. Everything has to have "sim elements" coupled with its "arcade feel", and that never works. When I heard about SBK Superbike World Championship I approached it with a casual optimism. I'd never really found a bike racing game that could hold my interest, but I'm open to the idea.

Unfortunately, SBK falls flat on its face in every category. If it was possible, my review would simply be the word "bland." Everything, from the visuals to the actual content of the game, is bland. However, my editor frowns upon one-word reviews, so I have to write a bit more.

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