20° Final Fantasy XIII Demo Breakdown

DoFuss says: "Through a series of fortuitous events I found myself with a copy of the Final Fantasy XIII demo (FFXIII) which was recently packaged with Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete – Trail Edition BluRay. It is a strange curio, as essentially it's a marketing tool which costs the customer a thousand yen more than the standard release of the movie. But this is Japan, where Final Fantasy's cultural significance could be likened to Star Wars for the loyalty and fanatical nature of its followers. I therefore consider myself lucky to have got my hands on a copy of this to be able to bring you my opinion without having to spring for the six thousand yen price tag.

Square-Enix (S-E), or more specifically the FF teams, have always been able to squeeze a little extra of hardware. With this, the first of their flagship series to be created for the current generation of consoles, they have pulled out all the stops. The three years of development show as you watch the variety of sumptuous environments promised in the opening movie but it is only when the introduction cinemas stop that you truly realise how impressive the in-game engine is; and the full extent of their achievements. The demo is set outside an underground city during what looks like a civil war. Action is set on a bridge which enables action to erupt all around your character. Above and below ships are exploding, as you move your way along the bridge set in the sprawling cavern. It manages to place you in the middle of a war, and while it leads you through a very narrow tunnel during this introduction, it is not the less an awesome sight."

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