Memo to Activision: Nobody playing Guitar Hero cares about Van Halen

LAGNE: "Guitar Hero publisher Activision knows it makes and sells video games, right? Giving them the benefit of the doubt that they do understand the concept, why would they allow a Guitar Hero: Van Halen standalone title to even exist?

It was pretty baffling to see Guitar Hero: Aerosmith ever reach daylight--a game that is currently being hawked at the local GameStop by pricing it at $10 and throwing in a wired guitar peripheral for free; or as the GS employee put it: "Get a guitar for ten bucks and a piece of trash that you can throw away in the dumpster outside."

Now we must deal with a Van Halen title, meaning Activision somehow gave themselves the idea that this thing will fly off the shelves."

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Monteblanco3463d ago

Nothing like a real expert in other people taste. So if you don't like Van Halen no one else will and the game will be a failure. Perhaps the author thinks Activision did not took the care to check out the potential market based in actual records sales and balanced it against the license costs.

Anyway, I am not even a Van Halen fan but I am sure they are there wanting this product.

BTW, the article is wrong about GH: Aerosmith. It was a hit when released and sold millions of copies. It is among the bargains right now because it is an year old game that was followed by a much improved sequel.

Nicknasty3463d ago

VH with DLR was my fav band as a kid and still pretty much is. They were the ultimate rock and roll party band. No other band could ever mimic that band ever again, period! You kids have absolutely no idea what real music is these days. Some do though, i have been seeing some kids around here where i live wearing Megadeth, Motley Crue and Clash shirts and they look prolly around 12. Its great to see, doesnt matter what age you are. Real music is real music. Every band nowadays is run by mass corporate @ssholes that are out for one thing, MONEY!