Storylines aren't properly reviewed

Gamer Limit writes "When it comes to discussing the storyline in a review, critics tend to divulge as few facts as possible - some even seem to flat out avoid stating ANY hard facts whatsoever."

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syvergy4088d ago

Interesting perspective, I think a bit of balance works better in reviews, too much on on side gets old.

Vintrus4088d ago

If you are looking for quality storylines read a book.

Statix4088d ago

That's because game journalists aren't qualified to review them.

Fullish4088d ago

And how would one become qualified? I don't think there is a bachelor of game story reviewing.

Clance4088d ago

Just not sure how many games out there would get anything above a 7/10 if we focused as much on storyline as gameplay and how important story really is to us gamers just yet… Should a game be scored lower than one that plays worse but has a terrific story? And how can we justify reviewing Burn Zombie Burn (no story) and then putting lots of emphasis and/or pressure on an action/adventure’s storyline just because it has one?

chrisjc4088d ago

Enh, I prefer game reviews to leave out a ton of story; that way we're surprised when we actually play it.

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The story is too old to be commented.