Red Faction only next-gen possible, terraforming is so last season

Coming up in an interview published later today, Strategy Informer interrogates a Red Faction sympathiser over at Volition Inc.

Associate Producer Sean Kennedy tells them why Red Faction Guerrilla wasn't possible until now, how Geo-Mod 2.0 tech is "three to five years" ahead, and his thoughts on terrain game Fracture...

Asked if the new Red Faction has moved away from terraforming terrain because of recent titles like LucasArts' Fracture, Kennedy laughs. "Ha, Fracture! You can actually put that in your article!" Volition isn't so insecure, it seems it was time for a change in the franchise anyway.

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Jamegohanssj54441d ago

HA! Too bad this game looks like a PS2/Xbox game.

Oh yes, ROFL Fracture!

bomboclaat_gamer4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

so what if the graphics isnt top notch. whats with u people. believe it or not, its people like u who ruin gaming. stop being so damn nitpicky. as long as the game is fun and the mechanism is good, im down for it.

get a grip man.

snaz274441d ago

i do agree that graphics do not make a game and that above all the game should be fun! however isnt it possible to have both? isnt it better if it has both? for me it is anyway i like advangment in my games i wanna see em playing and looking better and better everytime but thats just me... i loved red faction but i played the demo of this the other day and it was a big meh! your in some super powered robot thing that can smash anything in its way but you get stuck behing some little rock on the floor! that for me is not fun... the aiming was pants i only liked it when zoomed in... the demo did not inspire me to get the full copy thats for sure... and to top it off it did look like garbage so just another reason to skip on this one lol... that better for you? or am i ruining gaming too? lmao

Blaze9294441d ago

Thats true....but the game isnt fun either.....

Besides, this is the same person so said they reached the 360's limit...rofl. This game fails so much (IMO) and its a shame becuase Red Faction was and still is the best in the series. When 1up revealed that the team didnt want it to be third person but the dumb producer did, thats where everything probably started going downhill.

I dunno how people enjoy this game; the beta was crap so scratch out multiplayer and now the single player demo is out and was also very boring.

JamieReleases4441d ago

It looks pretty stunning to me, have you tried the demo yet?

7thNightvolley4441d ago

the demo is brilliant, u can totally destroy anything u see in the game and it break and crumbles like how it would in reality it must have been a challendge setting all teh structures to have weight size and react realistically to external force. gd stuff . i would likely pick buy the game, i believe the MP would be a blast.

Jinxstar4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

I have. I got it off Qore last week. The game looks... Well the physics are current gen but still it is not a "Destroy anything" There are things you still can't destroy. Crysis has already done physics nearly perfect. this game is great for consoles but doesn't hold a candle to some PC games. So really it's not all that advanced.

As far as teh actual game. I'm still sick of Sci Fi myself. I want more fantasy or "Comic book" style stuff. i.e. Prototype, Batman or inFAMOUS. The physics in those games (Except batman) look on par with this as far as cars flipping and things getting torn up. I look at red faction and see the little things so far. There are very few "Big things" to take down and when they do come down in videos and such they look scripted unlike the small buildings... The small buildings are always in an "Alcove" or something so the game only has to render small areas at a time... I feel they were very cleaver and sneaky at the same time when making this game. I would like to be proven wrong and if this game gets high scores then I WILL pick it up. I like a good surprise. So far however it looks very "Run of the mill" to me... I mean an average of 8.5 or higher i will get it but otherwise... There are so many games coming out i don't want to waste cash. I feel the Online will be half a$$ed, The story will be weak and the characters lifeless just to state a few things and I feel it will show in reviews.

Just a vid to show physics in a game much older....

like I said doesn't hold a candle...

7thNightvolley4441d ago

"geez" that is just bullying... that destruction vid is sick i had to actually remember its a game engine i am looking at and not reality.

pixelsword4441d ago

Since technically, if we were to adhere strictly to the old five year console cycle, this cycle would be almost at an end.

Honestly; I though they were talking about the PS4 and XboX 720 until I read past the title.

donnie-21054441d ago

thought the demo was ok but apart from the impressive but poorly implemented physics the gameplay seemed very generic indeed.also from what ive heard of the multi player the hammer is way overpowered and a potential game breaker

bigjclassic4441d ago

Its just last gen gameplay with mediocre Hd graphics. I cant believe the dev was talking smack about the 360 when this game looks like poo.

This is a glorified PS2 era game, like Infamous and Prototype etc.

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