Street Fighter 4 Power Up Pack DLC arrives for PS3, Xbox 360

The Street Fighter IV Power Up Pack has arrived on PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace and is now available for download. The free content adds Championship Mode and replay download functionality to the game.

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NaAsAr3468d ago

it is working on the ps3 version but it fails to connect with the 360 version so far. but from what i see on the ps3, you still cant create a room for more than one person. dam where is the mode where you can invite like 3 or 4 people to a game and we take turns kicking each others a$$??? :(

pwnsause3468d ago

i can confirm that the PS3 version now allows Game Launching within home. Now all street Fighter IV needs a Home Space to complete the experience.

jessehaysfl3468d ago

"it is working on the ps3 version but it fails to connect with the 360 version so far" for just a second i thought you were saying ps3 would connect to xbox360....i threw up in my mouth, swallowed it and then thought rationally....Im sure it will work later today as the servers have probably just come up as it is 8:30 pm (430 am pst) currently in japan I doubt capcom is working on this.... although i could be wrong.

IdleLeeSiuLung3468d ago

The DLC downloaded and updated without a hitch on the 360....

pwnsause3468d ago

its a patch, so its not thru the PS store.

MontyFontaine3468d ago

Bollocks to the DLC. When am I going to be able to purchase a control pad so I can actually play the damn game on my xbox? I have emailed Madcatz twice now, and I have still yet to receive a reply! I know that they have re-released some joysticks, but I much prefer using a decent pad.

boodybandit3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago ) terIV ? (remove the space between h & t.)
They had the pads in stock a couple days ago when I checked for the TE arcade stick. I don't care which console they get it in stock for first. I have SFIV on both the PS3 and 360.

Edit: they don't have 360 pads right now. Check in every couple to few days. I heard from a friend hey usually restock once to twice per week.

MontyFontaine3466d ago

Thanks man, I will check every couple of days as suggested. Is that the same for the uk do you know?

rjgbyrne3468d ago

Ordered mine and its been dispatched but Australia Post have no record of it, this is pretty bad but I think the DLC won't be for silver memebers for a a few weeks. Why do poor silver memebers get gouged with MS!?!

bigjclassic3468d ago

Championship mode here I come.

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The story is too old to be commented.