PS3 and Xbox 360 1080p Screenshot Comparison

Eurogamer host 1080p and 720p screenshots of crossplatform PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

Ridge Racer
"Ridge Racer 7 is definitely recommended over and above its 360 predecessor. More refined gameplay and superior graphics win the day, and if you can get to play the title in native 1080p, the visual boost compared to the Xbox rendition is palpable. Both are lovely games, but the sequel edges it."

Def Jam: Icon
"Graphically, the Xbox 360 version and its PS3 counterpart appear to be identical at a pixel-for-pixel level. Any difference you might see is entirely down to the different video outputs of the console (in the case of our comparison shots, VGA vs. HDMI)."

Fight Night Round 3
"The good news is that Fight Night Round 3 has indeed been enhanced over its initial release on the competing format. The bad news is that the PS3 upgrades are essentially little more than window dressing, albeit worthwhile graphical garnish.
However, it's clear that the development team has taken a look at what could be improved visually on the Xbox 360 and has enhanced the game where possible for its belated PS3 debut. The most obvious improvement is in the sheen of perspiration that builds up on your fighter's body - beads of sweat and dripping moisture are far more defined on the PlayStation 3 version, muscles and veins likewise. The lighting, although subtly different, manages to illuminate the action more convincingly and shows off more of the superb levels of detail the boxers exhibit. Also to be applauded is the change in motion blur techniques employed in the game."

Virtua Tennis 3
"Both games can run at full-fat 1080p resolution, with the main gameplay running flawlessly at 60fps. Between-point close-ups on the players see this framerate drop down to 30fps, although there are varying amounts of further slowdown between the two versions in these short interludes. In terms of other differences, we struggled to find anything amiss. The odd bit of additional HDR in the PS3 version perhaps, slightly longer intro-pans as the court comes into view, slightly different fontography."

NBA Street Homecourt
"As it stands, both versions of the game are pretty much identical running at 720p, but perhaps surprisingly it's the Xbox 360 that runs NBA Street Homecourt a touch better at 1080p. Not that this should have much effect on any purchasing decision - 720p/60 is the only way either rendition of the game should be played."

Need For Speed Carbon
"The frame rate has always been something of a contentious issue on next-gen Need for Speed games - with the conceptually and graphically excellent Most Wanted compromised heavily on 360 owing to an ever-shifting, wobbling sense of motion. Things are improved in that area with Carbon, and the PlayStation 3 version seems to be slightly better still - the occasional stop-start jerkiness in the 360 game a little less noticeable on the Sony console."

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techie4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

Note: Eurogamer concludes Ridge Racer 7 is quite a bit better than Ridge Racer 6 (even though they gave the former a point less before this comparison). Virtua 3 they say are basically the same. FNR3 Ps3 win on character models. The rest are equal, with the 360 winning on a stronger framerate on Homecourt.

This is Why the ps3 games are not washed out. Look for yourself. Eurogamer are usually hard on the ps3 (resistence re-review 6)

EasilyBest:...i can't speak for back then...I wasn't around. But i thought the point of these were to make them look the same. That's what they want. Both consoles can do better graphics than all of these it's not yet a matter of one pulling ahead of the other, because neither have reached their potential.

Don't worry they will get close soon and we will see some differences, but expect that only to come from 1st party games.

TheMart: The devs for FNR3 added effects for the ps3 version like sweat etc...they would have done the same for the 306 if it had been out later.

There are no claims about one hardware being more powerful in wins or losses. And there shouldn't. POG: I know some of them are different day times (eg. ridge racer)...but still on some like FNR3 you can see they are the same. I think it looks slightly sharper for the ps3 in VT3 with better lighting (barely, and just an opinion - doesnt really matter). And I like FNR3 for ps3. Can't comment on crowds themart...I believe you though.

Just thought that this shows that you shouldnt feel bad or worried when you get a cross-platform game for either. They are comparable - very similar. ALl this the 360 always looks better has now been debunked. There are wins on either side. So with these screens before us we can now be contented. Are we not content now? Please say we are...

"washed out"? The ps3 graphics for oblivion are sharper...sorry they are. Gamespot agree...go and watch the video review. When you say washed out, if you mean "lighter" then that is easily fixed on the tv, or even on ps3 settings. But if the graphics are sharper on the ps3...then all your comment "washed out" falls to is "lighter".

TheMART4755d ago

Virtua Tennis 3 for the 360 and PS3 have been done by two different companies. A bit hard to compare them I guess. Two different developing processes there.

Ridge Racer 7 on PS3 was released a FULL year later then RR6 on 360 and wasn't that a big step which it should have been.

FNR3, well in the Apollo theatre the public clearly have seen other things. The PS3 has public that looks like totally pixalated. The 360 wins clearly in FNR3. The models in the PS3 version look plastic.

The rest are equal. Uhm, why let's mention COD3? Sharper looking on 360, PS3 washed out again, night levels PS3 looks like morning sun coming up while it isn't there (washed out again), the framerate sucks in the PS3 version...

What about MLB 2k7 all reviews said the 360 looked better. Even the latest Oblivion comparings, the PS3 looks washed out.

The PS3 GPU just has a problem, making things looking washed out. And this isn't the best game to compare it on, when everyone knows the game is developed on a different way.

bobbybrown4754d ago

haha watch themart fail at trying to defend his console

EasilyTheBest4755d ago

If I had to pick Id say I prefer the slightly darker 360 look..
Anyhows the thing that bugs me is everyone on this site NOW expects the 360 and PS3 dual format games to look roughly equal...
How mad is that? I remember 8 months back being led to believe by SONY, The FANBOYS and most of the PRESS to expect the PS3 games to blow away 360s...
HOW WRONG CAN YOU BE!!! Even the Xbox360 fans were worried.. Come on, admit it, you really was...
I know all the excuses, 1st gen, PS3 hard to program, Its a port etc etc etc etc. I think its about time to draw a line and just accept that the 2 consoles are about EQUAL..
Im not knocking the PS3, although Im sure sum will think I am, its just Im a little pissed that I was stupid enough to beleive the HYPE, just like I did with the PS2 before that came out...
Roll on the Next NEXT GEN, Dont recon theyll get me next time. Saying that I dont think even SONY will play the over hype game next time...

power of Green 4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

They show comparesons not matching anything close enough to claim anything and in some cases not even in the same lighting conditions even at different parts of the day in some cases. I know HDMI cant be making that much of a difference but VT is not that dark on the 360 on my LCD period! the light at time when it shines on of the players almost look like the PS3 pics in this compareson, period!. Its not that blurry and dull period on the 360. I'm lookin at it right now switching back and forth on my imput channels on my LCD hooked up to my PC. Somethings very fishy about alot of this sh*t coming out. The sun isnt even shining on the woman evenly in both pics. DEF ICon PS3 is brighter in general but light shines on objects on the 360 version.

NBA street i own that game and it simple looks brighter on my two HDTV's than whats shown in these pics and clearer, look how the 360 version looks fuzzy not on my TV period!.

Again NFSC looks like the PS3 version of these pics on my 360, period i thought it was anoying how bright the head lights were, the 360 pic is not accurate for some reason.

Again Played FNR3 demo eariler this week And was not this dark on my 360. If you are a 360 owner you have to be laughing at these compareson posts.

DEEPBROWN I AM RIGHT!, the PS3 versions of these games would be unbareable on my set if these pics were accurate. Its like they darkned both TV settings when doing thses comparisons this does not change the fact that reviewers and gamers all over the industies opinion on PS3 titles 1st party and 3rd party alike about the more bland colours on PS3, even the other VT comparisons showed deeper colors on the 360.

What people are doing is setting the Brightness/contrast to whats comfortable with the PS3 and with the super bright nature of the PS3 will handi capp the 360's by default. If you set up a TV for norman viewing The 360 is fine and it would be the PS3s! version that would be borderline unbareable.

No offence DEEPBROWN but all i hear is BLUH BLUH BLUH from you, you take the few titles that had a year extra dev time and try to confuse it with games being released at the same time. Where have you been? all the Multi plate games coming out at the same time have the 360 in front. My post is alread long enough so i wont post links. Stick with VT no ones buying Sony fans coparison pics from games that had extra time(1 year)and barely or; do not out shine its year old brethern. Fact these screens are not dark on the 360 period!.


Thanks Mart i did not even know VT had two different DEV teams i will never compare this title again, just got through reading the VT dev Post.

techie4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

Ok let's say you're right. Can you thus agree that the ps3 shots before this were brighter than people who have them at home? Can you? Doubt it. You wouldn't like to give ps3 owners such a liberty.

Even if the 360 here are darker, it shows that the ps3 is comparable anyway and isn't "washed out". Please can we be content. Wins on both sides.

lol. no offence POG. All I heard there was "blah blah blah". And reviewers havent said that...most of the reviews I've read have said the ps3 wins on FNR3, Oblivion and Ridge Racer. And that's the truth. That is of course what I have read. I have even read some say the 360 games are overly saturated. But that's what I've read...I don't care anymore, i really dont. I just want to change some of these guys attitudes. Please can we join forces.

**edit** Def jam Icon the same, Need for Speed better on ps3, NBA Street same with 360 slightly better framerate. What's with it POG. Both consoles can do much better graphics than these, so it's not about one jumping ahead of the other yet. If that comes then that will come later...but for multi-platform titles now they are working with what they have and they are comparable. Wins on both sides.

So how does it in anyway say anything about the hardware or GPU of either? It says nothing. This is not the place to compare. Multi-platform devs do have a sufficient grasp on the ps3 hardware already, so that's all good. Any differences are minimal anyway. Dev's know how to use ps3 and 360 hardware sufficiently. Isn't that a good thing? I say it is. Bring on the 1st/2nd party titles.

Pathetic N4G Website4755d ago

Nothing is fishy P.o.G. They used VGA for 360 and HDMI for PS3. They did say they would have preferred to use the 360 via HDMI if it was available now...

"24-bit RGB shots and video from each system's best-performing AV output"

I've added the main article to "alternative sources" as when I tipsed this earlier I linked to the screenshots and not the actual article that is comparing the games. Sorry ! It's well worth a read though :)

power of Green 4755d ago

VGA isnt accurate you may be able to use 1080p but often is lower quality in other areas compared to HDMI and even componet, washed out colours and brightness are two most common complaints.

dantesparda4754d ago

The "VGA" on the 360 may have all those problems you mentioned, but not VGA in general

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