x360a: Ninja Blade Review

x360a writes: "As anyone who knows me (or reads any of my reviews – you poor souls) will tell you – I like ninjas. Hell, we ALL like ninjas. Ninjas are cool and if you say otherwise then I'm inclined to think that you are just going against popular opinion in order to make yourself look cool. But you are NOT cool and ninjas are cooler than you: FACT. Aside from my slightly deranged rant though, it is fair to say that games starring mysterious warriors with throwing stars have always fared well. None more so, in recent years, than Ninja Gaiden which has always been slightly off putting to newcomers due to the rather sadistic difficulty level on show. Hopefully Ninja Blade will prove to be more than a simple copy and paste job and will actually make such shenanigans available to a much broader spectrum of players, as opposed to those of us with the patience of a saint and reflexes of one thousand tigers.

Developed by From Software, who may be more familiar to people with a penchant for giant mechs, this game strives to take a more action orientated approach to the genre rather than forcing players to learn just the right combo for every single situation..."

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