Dante's Inferno features baby-killing

EA's video game adaptation of Dante's Inferno is supposedly going to let you kill some babies. Don't worry, though -- they were never baptized so they're obviously evil.

According to writer, producer, director, and baby-killer Jonathan Knight, the babies "seem harmless at first, but once they start ganging up on you, they're harder to kill."

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Vault Boy3462d ago

Yes, where do we draw the line? Personally, I like the quote from the magazine guy. I wouldn't feel too bad about it since they aren't real.

h0tz0rz3462d ago

I'd have to see what these babies look like first. I didn't have a problem killing dogs in COD because they were viciously attacking me, but I also could never bring myself to attack any kids in Fallout 3.

Twizlex3462d ago

Can you even kill the kids in Fallout 3? The only time I tried was in the black and white virtual reality place I kept beating on this little boy but he never died.

L80BelfDK3462d ago

No, you can't kill kids in Fallout 3. Believe me, I tried :)

Jamegohanssj53462d ago

Mother focking awesome! I always wanted this in a GTA, but I just hope this game is good enough to catch my eye.


MK_Red3462d ago

You couldn't kill babies in Fallout 3 because Bethesda is too much of a p****. Fallout 2 had baby killing and it was awesome. It brought lots of negative karma along with a "baby killer" tag.

Dante's Inferno FTW! I mean, these are games not real life things. Killing millions of people in generic shooter 2478423578 is ok by people but killing babies in a dark post apocalyptic world is wrong? Shame on you Bethesda. EA FTW!

SL1M DADDY3462d ago

Although, my two children never had tentacles coming out of their backs and never scaled walls while slinging blades at me... If they are anything like that then yeah, I will take them out in the game.

MisterNiwa3462d ago

Wow, you sure are a very ill-minded person.


7thNightvolley3462d ago

that is y i will rip the babies a new one.

MiloGarret3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Yeah, seems like someone at that studio REALLY hates babies.

Bob Dole3462d ago

Sometimes you just gotta stomp babies.

himdeel3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

...depends on how the babies look and what they're doing. The second an infant scales a wall and swings a sharp object at you not using the most anatomically correct appendage...they have to die.

Edit: + Bubbles Bod Dole

IaMs123462d ago

Its just like Doom3 those freaking baby Cherub things lol

skottey3462d ago

My biggest complaint with fallout 3 was that you couldn't kill kids. Especially that little brat running Little Lamplight.

ThanatosDMC3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Babies in Dead Space scared me... those babies are evil little freaks of nature. After i shoot them to death, i get close and brutally stomp on them to make sure!

I wanted to kill everyone in the Country of Dave or whatever you call it in Fallout 3. But i was only able to kill the adults. Oh well, the unique weapon was worth the slaughter. I didnt know how to get it any other way.

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Cookigaki3462d ago

Cookigaki would slaughter anything and everything. They are demon babies anyways so who cares.

Milk is for Babies3462d ago

Me too. I don't care what it is, even innocent little girls. Think of all the people you kill in the Katamari games!

DelbertGrady3462d ago

I would love to see baby eating in games. Why not do Cooking Mama for the Wii but with babies instead of vegetables? Baby Cannibal Mama. With death metal soundtrack to boot.

Bob Dole3462d ago

Bob Dole wants to kill zombie babies. That's the ultimate.

- Ghost of Sparta -3462d ago

I dream about that every night, with 'I Cum Blood' by Cannibal Corpse playing in the background.

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Cookigaki3462d ago

Who cares about GOW ripoff anyways. Cookigaki hopes it will be good because more good games = more to play, but Cookigaki not really interested in this game yet.

Vault Boy3462d ago

I would have to slightly disagree with the GOW clone, because you could then say that GOW is a ripoff of Devil May Cry, all FPS's are ripoffs of Wolfenstein, all JRPG's are ripoffs of Final Fantasy, etc.

Milk is for Babies3462d ago

Yeah, all sandbox games were GTA clones until it actually became it's own genre. Someone has to do something first but that doesn't mean everything after it is a ripoff.

Twizlex3462d ago

Justin Timberlake is still a ripoff of Michael Jackson, except less white.

Twizlex3462d ago

Hahaha, who doesn't? I just hope they aren't all one color because I don't want some kind of RE5-like claim of racism to plague the game.

L80BelfDK3462d ago

"I have gleefully and willingly skewered a plump pack of screaming babies with a huge scythe, and I look forward to doing it again."


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