Punch-Out!! update featuring Bald Bull, Miis, and no online leaderboards

NintendoDpad writes:
"Thought we would update you, who do not visit the Punch-Out!! launch center, with an update of everything Punch-Out!! that was announced this week."

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Product3490d ago

I would have loved online of some sort.

Marceles3490d ago

Yeah I'm sure they could've had 2 player online the same way they have 2 player Wii Boxing on Wii Sports. That would've been great with Punch Out's gameplay but...oh well, I dont think Nintendo cares much about online.

Product3490d ago

i will admit the single player mode seems like everything a Punchout fan would want but ill agree they could have done online if they wanted to.

nintendohomie3490d ago

Online would have been good but yea they pretty much threw everything but the kitchen sink into single player.

avantgarde843490d ago

For traditional gamers it doesnt get much better than this