Capcom's take on DMC 4 multiplatform move

Sometime last week, Capcom has confirmed the long-time rumor which has been going around, saying that the supposed Sony exclusive Devil May Cry 4 was going multiplatform. This was of course followed by a lot of varied reactions and even some Dante-must-stay-with-Sony movements which resulted in an online petition to keep the franchise exclusive.

Well, with all the clamor that we have been hearing from fans, someone from Capcom has finally braved the hordes, and spoke about the company's stand in this decision. That brave man was no other than Christian Svensson, Capcom's senior Director of Strategic Planning & Research. His brief statement is as follows:

"We are certainly moved that people are so passionate about our products that they would go to such extremes. At the same time we feel that allowing more people access to our content pleases far more people than it displeases (after all, we're not denying DMC4 to anyone that was already going to get it). It really is the best decision for the company and for consumers."

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FeralPhoenix4764d ago

yeah he summed everything up very quickly, in particular I think this says it all:

"At the same time we feel that allowing more people access to our content pleases far more people than it displeases"

-lol, in other words we're going to make far more money from the 360 sales than we are going to lose on the "few" PS3 sales from those who "actually" won't buy it now that its on the 360 also. -smart, and honestly I think most of those who signed the petition like the game too much not to buy it, and I think he's aware of that also, hmmm....I guess thats why he's Capcom's senior Director of Strategic Planning & Research.

MissAubrey4764d ago

some people are just sad. I bet Juevani and Achira sighned that petition.

MissAubrey4764d ago

This moves shows just how lame Sony fans can get. where was the petitition by Xbox fans to Team Ninja when Ninja Gaiden went to PS3? and sigma is exclusive to PS3! 360 doesnt get it!

(right now as I speak some sneaky sony fan is making that petition to Team Ninja)

lilwingman4764d ago

He's completely right. Some people are just crazy.

StrboyM4764d ago

If fair is fair? where is dead rising or lost planet?

if its not just about money. rmember this game was supposedly in development for ages for the ps3. wheres the sixaxis features? where are the massive amount of game date that the blu ray could provide?,,, ok take that all away. why does it look like a better DMC3?

answer cause capcom knew it was going multi forvere now. we just found out.

Id like to say also, DMC is my favorite game on any system. im not upset 360 owners will finally get great gameing goodness..(lol joke). im mad capcom has and will IMO deliver a bare bones mid developed game instead of something that could of be system specific. ps3 or xbox360 system specific. it doesnt look like a spectacular game no matter whch system its very saddened by that

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The story is too old to be commented.