RPGfan : PSP Version of To Heart 2 Announced

Chris Winkler writes "Aquaplus is porting the PC version of its love adventure To Heart 2 to PlayStation Portable. The portable release will feature a new heroine (Sasara Kusugawa from the X-rated PC version) and the option to choose between 4:3 and 16:9 screen ratios. The limited edition will ship with the PSP release of the prequel To Heart as well as a figurine."

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coolfool3517d ago

I haven't ever played one so not sure how they work. Are these things even fun? How do they justify the X-ratedness? Does it it really fit in the game?

Lumbo3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Yes, it is a dating-sim .. and no, you'd rather not play it unless you like boredom and endless text panels. It is a japanese cultural thing, dating sims are big there, contrary to the western market.

Reibooi3517d ago

Dating sims or more often known as visual novels are great games if you can get into them. They are really about story and more often then not they have very good stories about people falling in love(hence the X rated scenes) and struggling to overcome something that is keeping them from being together or something similar.

While they are not for everyone they can be very fun to play. Great games such as Snow Sakura and X-change Alternative have great touching stories and I would recommend checking them out if you are wondering what it's all about.