Prototype - Exclusive Breed Something New Trailer

GT writes, "Two words: cannibal babies. Must see!"

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- Ghost of Sparta -3468d ago

I want my one minute and nineteen seconds back.

DelbertGrady3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Can't give praise to "teh rivals", can we? ;)

The story seems surprisingly deep. Prototypes trailers have been very cool lately. Can't wait to see more from it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3468d ago

Give me a break, I loved that last trailer. This one was crap.

JokesOnYou3468d ago

Thats why you're so quick to post on this Prototype news.

On topic, looks like theres a pretty good story underneath all that kickass action in this game. I can't wait to go tearing through the city with Alex, raarrh the govt gonna pay this time.


- Ghost of Sparta -3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

A one minute long CGI video with choppy gameplay bits, what's there to like? News flash: The game is multiplatform. If I want it, I'll buy it. :)

I did not murder him3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

You go out of your way to show you don't think much of this game its something children do, you're not fooling anybody. You know somebody has issues when they are complaining because the devs release a video giving some insight on the story "CGI VIDEO"

What I said applies to much more and its not just you doing it.

"The game is multiplatform. If I want it, I'll buy it. :)"

^^ But clearly you don't wan't it yet we have to hear about it all the time. Its a tad childish to assume they can't or won't do the same, that still doesn't explain why you attack the game when ever you see posts of the game. I'm going to get this for my 360 for sure I'll wait for demos before I buy games for my PS3.

Why o why3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

in honesty there was nothing else to see. Either way im grabbing it + u know what. Im sure every 360 fan will appreciate this title..... Just an observation to counter JOY's one. Some sony fans will hate on this game for the wrong reason, some 360 fans will hate on Infamous for the wrong reason....It goes both ways im afraid. Personally i have no reason to hate any as i can play both IF BOTH are worthy:)

I did not murder him3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

360 fans don't care about Infamous we don't hate it or like it, the only time its mentioned is when PS3 fans seek or come across Prototype posts and defends PS3 is some twisted reasoning. I know nothing about Infamous and I'm looking forward to some games on my PS3. 360 fans hating on Infamous is all in your heads derived from forcing the game on Non PS3 owners. I don't think you'll find 360 fans attacking Infamous when ever they come across related news.

MURKERR3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

both parties have dissed each other simple as.

on topic looking forward to the game but agree with ghost ive seen better trailers for prototype

Why o why3468d ago

did you really just say that?? Wow, take off your blinkers man. Some 360 fans wont care because they cant play it which is not a good enough reason for hating on it JUST like hating on this game because its not exclusive. Only a fool couldnt see that it goes both ways and in this particular case its not even the whole story as ps3 fans can play BOTH. You love the idea of this game but have NO care or love for Infamous.......wonder why ¬_¬ you guys still like 'choices' right

DelbertGrady3468d ago

Idiots can be found on both sides of the fence.

kewlkat0073468d ago

Interesting story.......I'm already getting it anyhow.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3468d ago

Prototype may have a good story, it does seem to have good dialogues, but so does Infamous. However, Prototype shouldn't be selling itself with storyline even if it has nothing else (not saying it doesn't). The problem is, the graphics do look bland, and the gameplay looks exactly like their previous game, Hulk. They should try selling Prototype on its own merits even if it has nothing new to offer (not saying it doesn't, just saying they should try something else, even if it didn't have, assuming it didn't; if it has, then good).

360 fanboys are gonna say this game is better (obviously) as they can't play infamous, so I won't take Soda Popinsky or Joy's opinion as remotely close to the truth. If the game is actually good though, PS3 owners can still enjoy both, or any of the two. I know this must hurt the 360 boys but you can't have everything. Well, you can't have anything (exclusive) as a matter of fact, since anything you have is on PC or will be on PS3. I guess it's good that it is a cheap entry point to next-gen gaming. But then again, Xbox LIVE negates that.

Enjoy your... sales.

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Cajun Chicken3468d ago

Pretty cool trailer. Little bit more story revealed there. Wonder what that tune is that kicks in near the end?

TheColbertinator3468d ago

I agree with each word you said

ExLivingGhost3468d ago

didn't anyone on that sidewalk noticed the guy killing and stealing a soldiers identity?

maspi3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

more and more worse. bad graphics,uninspired main character and uninspired superpowers,caotic gameplay,gore,splatter,bad taste and now cannibal babies.disgusting.

PatDH3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Story does seem interesting, but I still don't think i'll buy this. I'm a graphics Double You H Oh Are E.
May seem stupid to some of you, but I am my own person :)

Edit: Also the gameplay doesn't intrigue me much. And in one of the earlier trailers it showed the minimap and all the streets and buildings looked the same.. and that does seem kind of lame to me.

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