Ubunto running on Xbox 360

Cpasjuste has managed to get Ubuntu (comunity developed Linux-based operating system) running on the Xbox 360. It contains all the standard applications such as a WEB BROWSER, spreadsheet software, instant messaging software and more. To get it running King Kong is required as well as the vulnerable kernels.

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TheMART4754d ago


Billy can't! As long as they don't update their console dashboard (by Live or a gamedisc, updates from after 9 January 2007) and they use the King Kong exploit, they can upload any homebrew they want and they can investigate the whole system, kernel, hypervisor, anything...

Which is very interesting to say at least

ASSASSYN 36o4754d ago

In other words mart microsoft will shut them down.

4754d ago
Kyur4ThePain4754d ago

I guess suddenly everyone will be happy that the 360 might also be able to act as a PC, even with a "WEB BROWSER".
Anyway, welcome to the future.

ElementX4754d ago

Browsers are for PCs. Can you download applets and scripts onto a console? Most websites have a default resolution, which would probably look like crap on a TV, even HDTV. Furthermore, will you get all sorts of pop-ups on your TV for porn sites? How would you enter web addresses? How would you navigate? I think web browsing is designed for PCs and I see no reason to browse on your home console.

Kyur4ThePain4754d ago

You have so many question, you obviously have not browsed the net with a console (with or without Linux), have you?
Plus, I could just as easily say that games are for PCs.
Is it soooo difficult to accept that the other console is more than just a gaming machine?

ElementX4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

All I'm saying is there could be issues with resolutions of websites on a TV screen. Even HDTVs don't have as high of resolutions as a PC monitor. Yes I have questions, like what's the point? Furthermore, a 360 doesn't have mouse or keyboard support at this time, that I know of. Do you want to use an on-screen keyboard with a game pad?

WTF4754d ago

Well, its a friendly console.

BIadestarX4754d ago

They are already shut down. They can't connect to xbox live.
Most people have PC and are able to browse the internet. I would hate to be xbox live-less just to browse the interent, when I have 2 PC, 1 Mac, 2 laptop, Pocket PC, PSP, DS and they all can browse the internet. NO thankx.