Sony, Thanks for Marketing MLB 09: The Show

bakerboy from writes

"We all know that Sony receives alot of flak for their marketing strategies, or lack thereof. But I must say that in the month of March I as met with a pleasant surprise."

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Immortal Kaim3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

According to N4G guidelines this post shouldn't be approved (even though HHG's minions will approve it anyway).

And I quote: "Articles posted to N4G should be of interest to the gaming community and be professional and well written..."

This 'article' fails to meet any of these basic criteria

Edit: Here is the entire article, it's 137 words in length...

We all know that Sony receives alot of flak for their marketing strategies, or lack thereof. But I must say that in the month of March I as met with a pleasant surprise. Tons of commercials for Sony’s premier sports franchise. The most shocking thing is that there were more commercials for The Show than there were for Killzone 2. I saw so much of Dustin Pedroia that I almost became a Red Sox fan. Its also amazing to hear the announcers during a Red Sox game referencing the commercial as well. This shows how much of an effect advertising can have on the success of a title. Although it only managed to outsell 305,000 to 296,000, this should show Sony the power of advertising and hopefully we’ll see more of this from Sony in the future.

With the amount of spelling and grammatical errors in this 'submission' it doesn't reach the standards set out by N4G, so It shouldn't be approved.

Eiffel3465d ago

N4G is corrupt. That's about all I can give you.

From the fanboys to choppy submissions like this, I'm seriously starting to lose interest in gaming news.

Szarky3465d ago


I know what you mean. But I need my gaming news hit EVERYDAY! Where else am I supposed to go? IGN? Not enough news articles for me. Kotaku? I hate their site layout. N4G might give you a lot of sh!t to sift through but once in a while you'll find a diamond.

Unicron3465d ago

Eiffel, what gaming news? I haven't seen any here in months.

DelbertGrady3465d ago

"Articles posted to N4G should be of interest to the gaming community and be professional and well written..."

If the mods took these rules seriously we wouldn't see crappy submissions from hiphopgamershow, badassgamerblog, gamer.blorge etc. =)

JD_Shadow3465d ago

1. All I saw that was wrong was that he didn't saw what it outsold. Other than that, it looked alright to me.
2. So...everyone's more concerned that this came from HHG's site than actually debating the points that he brought up? Unbelievable. We care more about where the story comes from rather than what the story says. Even the biggest liar has the capacity to tell the truth, and they sometimes do.

As for the actual TOPIC, I personally haven't seen that much advertising for the game, but I haven't been watching much TV at all lately (besides Hell's Kitchen and Countdown), so I'm not the person you should ask about these ads.

RememberThe3573465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

But when some other no name blog posts some crap about this or that, it's ok... You guys have an f'ed up double standard.

I personally agree that these writers need to start putting more time into their work. But the only time I hear people bring up the crap being submitted to N4G is when HipHop submits something.

How about we bring it up every time not just when we see a site we don't like?

Immortal Kaim3465d ago

I can't speak for everyone else but I have personally reported 4-5 articles today for the same thing.

I don't care where it comes from, if it is full of mistakes and the submission quality is not up to scratch, then I will report it.

nurdeens3464d ago

dude its just an ariticle chill...

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DrWan3465d ago

U don't even know their advertisment budgets how do we even know if this resulted in a positive increase in sale to offset the cost? Only Sony would know, so stop yelling them for not making any ads, sometimes its NOT worth it ok? got it? beyond project budget got it? They have to make profit and that's not done by going to the negative with your over the top ads.

MLB probably had some money to be made since it's a FOCUS audience at the right time/show, but KZ2 isn't focus, unless you put it right after a war movie.

TiLL i DiE3465d ago

It's immature kids like you who think they are above everyone by calling them anything in the reference to young that are ruining this site when in fact, your the one in high school. I'll tell you something; if in fact you were mature and old, you won't have time to be downsizing people for doing or writing something in which they believe in!

cmrbe3465d ago

idea why some people hate Sony for not marketing their games and why some people in the industry like MS over Sony. Advertising money. Game journalist.

When i saw the headline it made me wonder as a gamer why i would thnak Sony for advertising MLB 09. To be honest i really don't give a rats ass if they do, however if i was a game journalist i would definitely love Sony if they spend more money on advertising their games as it would mean more chance of getting some money.

The whole hoopla about Sony not advertising KZ2 at the super bowl really made me wonder if gamers would rather play ads then games. I do understand that its important for a game to sell enough copies to warrant a sequel(the only reason why i care about game sales) but with a high profile game like KZ2. It will definitely sell at least 2 million copies with minim advertising. Sony knows this and as a gamer i thank them for it as resources are better spent on creating more exclusive which benefits me as a gamer but not a game journalist though.

El Padre3465d ago

People actually want to see MORE commercials? Wha?

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