New info on Killzone 2

A small snippet concerning Guerrilla Games Technical Director, Michiel van der Leeuw, giving his opinion for developing on the Playstation 3.

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Siesser4754d ago

Not much new info aside from the fully destructible environments. To claim to be "approaching reality" is a pretty grand statement to make. Of course, when anything is visually clearer and more realistic, it's technically "approaching" reality rather than moving away from it. Still, I'm optimistic and hopefuly they can pull it off, but we're going on two years without a single piece of visual evidence. That's either a good sign, or a bad one, and we will know soon, I guess.

GaMr-4754d ago

WHO IS APPROVING STORIES ON THIS SITE... I posted this like 4 days ago. lol

NoUseMerc4754d ago

Killzone is a $30 million project so it better have destructible enviroments! Also, the tech demo showed fantasic realistic lighting and the character models were amazing!

I can't wait to play the demo later this year!

techie4754d ago

I think that if they feel the gameplay meets the trailer, as I'm sure they will claim, they should at E3 show the gameplay alongside the CG trailer so we can all see it together :)

Maldread4753d ago

Yeah good idea, assuming the gap betwen them isn`t too great

NoUseMerc4754d ago

Thats a great idea...Sony should show the E3 2005 trailer along side the new gameplay trailer...although the trailer shown at GDC was just a tech demo showing the lighting effects and such. It was not a real represtation of the actual game.

Says you4754d ago

But if there using Sonys new tools like Middlware or PS3 Edge I'm sure there getting plenty of stuff that they wanted to do on the PS3 that they couldnt on PS2.

NoUseMerc4754d ago

I know that they are using Sony's tools for example PlayStation Edge becuase that was the whole reason behind the tech demo of Killzone at GDC.

But I think it will be over a $30 million project when they are done with it and maybe even more after all the marketing. This is Sony's baby and they know they can't go wrong here.

techie4754d ago

The Edge Tools were formed from First and Second Party development on games like Killzone and Heavenly Sword. I wouldnt be too worried about this game.

kmis874754d ago

It's already been stated at 20 million, so count on that increasing probably and then there's always marketing. 30 million might be a low estimate.

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The story is too old to be commented.