What Nvidia Thinks About Onlive

"Onlive's potential has been creating a buzz in the gaming industry. In our opinion, the existence of this service could have an effect on graphic cards sales since you are streaming the games you play, without technical restrictions. Games on Smash decided to ask Nvidia what they thought about Onlive. Ken Brown from Nvidia had this to say about the service."

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bardler3463d ago

I am super excited for Onlive because it is exactly what the PC market needs. Obviously from Nvidia's point of view it is always good when somebody can expand the PC market.

lelik3463d ago

Cept ATI X2's Rape the sh1t out of Nvidia GPUs so them b1tches is gon be broke.

Rorkimaru3463d ago

Ever heard of GLSL. Until Ati have decent support for that, like Nvidia, they have no chance of killing the company. OpenGL is a very important part of games especially in Linux and Mac. No one recommends Ati for Linux users

Onlive3463d ago

Not only will it effect Graphics cards, but won't it also effect computer sales? No one will need super fast computers anymore.
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