PS3 is Officially Outselling Wii in Japan for 2009

With the latest Media Create figures, the Playstation 3 has surpassed the Nintendo Wii in year-to-date Japanese hardware sales for 2009.

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CaseyRyback_CPO3517d ago

I've got nothing. Anyone else?

Bathyj3517d ago


I guess if I thought about it I would have realized it, since its only April, but I didn't expect PS3 would be leading for the year.

6 months ago this thought would have been impossible. Anyone still think PS3 cant lead this gen by the time its finished? And remember the generation isn't over when the first loser decides to quit.

Saigon3517d ago

I have to agree with the author...the sales this year for the PS3 and Wii will be closer than last...lets see who edges out at the end of the year...

ZuperAmazingCooKie3517d ago

If GT5, Price Drop, Tales of Vesperia, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Quantum Theory, EyePet and FFXIII arrive versus Monster Hunter 3, Tales of Vesperia, Wii Motion Plus and Dragon Quest X? But then again Dragon Quest X is probably not coming this year, MH3 maybe. GT5 maybe but not so sure. PRice drop is also a maybe. FFXIII is almost definitely. Wii motion Plus and Sigma 2 are definitely for this year.

Also, what will be the global consequences of the PS3 being so successful in Japan? Perhaps more japanese 3rd party support for the PS3, lots of ports of previously thought exclusives on 360 and more exclusives to top that off. It's gonna be hard for Microsoft to outsell PS3 this year in the end unless nothing on PS3 comes to fruition.

FarEastOrient3517d ago

Just imagine how many PS3s would've been sold by now if the price wasn't $400 and higher.

Danja3517d ago

I honestly didn't see this happening , I mean we all knew Yakuza 3 , RE:5 , SF4 and FF Advent Children would push sales , but I just never thought the Wii would drop off so much...

MH3 and Wii Sports Resort and DQ will certainly do wonders especially the latter ... but then PS3 gets FF13 plus few unannounced games from Namco and Tecmo.. plus GT5 could be there for the Christmas...

plus a price drop is coming for the fall most likely.. this is what I wanted to see happening all along.. very interesting...

slpknt6sic63517d ago

Bathyj is 100% right. i still think the ps3 can finish first. the war isn't finished until Sony thinks its over, the ps2 is still going strong.

TheRealSpy023517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

it's because everyone already has a wii. the market has been wii saturated.

honestly though, wii was just like taibo, or spice girls, or disco, or elmo, or 90% of everything in pop culture. just a fad. a large majority of ppl that i know have parents who have wiis. sometimes even grand parents. they weren't buying the system for the great games (there are actually a few great wii games), they were buying the wii.

now that you don't see a wii add on tv, and newspapers talking about it, and 24 hour news networks mentioning it, wii is starting to lose sales. all the fad ppl bought it. now ppl want next gen, hd games. there are only 2 systems for that and wii isn't one of em.

nintendo did a smart thing. they were losing money, they were coming in 3rd last generation and the gen before that ps1 was crushing n64. so nintendo had to make money. so they did what apple did in the 90s when they were going under. apple took a cheap computer, put it inside a monitor, and had different color backs for it. then they went on an aggressive ad campaign to push it, and it helped them bounce back from bankruptcy. the wii is the same thing. it's a very well marketed last gen console with a couple bells and whistles that have never been in console gaming before.

not to say wii is all bad, i actually enjoy it.

3517d ago
n4f3516d ago

the current year-to-date numbers put the Playstation 3 at 447,700 units sold while the Nintendo Wii is at 431,833 units sold
-That is around 16,000 since the years started.
-How much does the ps3 need to outsold the wii in total sell
-I remember the wii use to outsold 3:1, 4:1 even 7:1 i dont see those number for the ps3
I dont care if ur mad or if it offend you (which shouldnt unlesss...)but the wii will outsold everything.
and again congratulation sony

fusionboxer3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I'm happy for Sony. We all knew this was coming eventually, but I wonder how things will go when Capcom selfishly releases the wii exclusive Monster Hunter Tri? Is that the time when all the japanese will swarm to Akiba and buy a nintendo? Or will the japanese be too focused on FFXIII and hopefully Uncharted 2, Infamous, and whatever else comes down the amazing list of first party titles hitting the ps3 this year.

But yea i find it funny how the battle went recently. Nintendo releases the Monster hunter bundle with the MH Tri demo and Squenix releases FFVII advent children with the FFXIII demo and still the ps3 remains on top according to these sales figures.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how things eventually pan out, but hopefully Sony gets Capcom to release a monster hunter on the Ps3 before this generation is over cause I love that series. I was desperately hoping that Capcom would make Lost Planet with its 4 player co op available on the ps3 and not just the 360, but what can we do. Capcom seems to be slightly biased this generation with no real reason. It's really too bad.

However i'll vow right now that I will NOT re buy a wii for MH Tri alone even though I really want to. I'll just stick to my psp and get the MH expansion and hopefully a monster hunter tri port for the portable. I mean i'm already gonna be spending a load of cash money on all these first party sony titles in a time when we're really not supposed to be spending all this money due to the times.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3516d ago

Imagine all the japanese support it would be getting if it had all of 360s JRPGs and even more

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ElementX3517d ago

Hardly newsworthy. We all knew it would happen. The only thing worth mentioning is if somehow the 360 overtook PS3. LOL

sephy 9 2 53517d ago

mentioning if the PS3 maintained its lead for the rest of the year.

Enigma_20993517d ago

... like the 360 has been unable to do?

NateNater3517d ago

Its about freakin time somebody shut the Wii down! And who better to do it than good old Sony. Wii've had enough! :P

dericb113517d ago

I know a ton of 360 fans will disagree with me but this must be said. If Microsoft had not got all this exclusive deals in Japan the PS3 would have more RPG's and would have closed them out. Sadly SE is seeing that all there money has been in the same place since Dec. 3rd 1994. The PSone. I know Microsoft wants a get in the Japanese market but they need to figure out a new way that doesn't prevent games from coming out for years on end.

mpmaley3517d ago

I can only imagine how different the race would look, especially in Japan, if the jRPGs were either multiplatform or on PS3.

NateNater3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Im not a Microsoft and I am supportive of Sony and somewhat Nintendo, but why do you think that SE has made no money since PS1? PS2 was a great success and has sold way over 100 million units. PS3 has just started to make profit for Sony. PSP has sold over 50 million units. Sony have definently made a profit after PS1.

And you're right about 360 in Japan though. There also needs to be more JRPGs on PS3. With the power of the PS3, i can only imagine what they would be like!

Da One3517d ago

mean SE hasn't made money since the PSOne?

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