Nvidia and Acer bring PC gaming at console prices

Acer will soon be introducing the AspireRevo, a small form factor PC capable of HDTV decoding and PC gaming -- at a starting price point of $299.

The AspireRevo is based on the Nvidia ION graphics chip platform and the Intel ATOM 230/330 processor. Nvidia's ION platform is based upon the GeForce series 9400M G graphics chipset -- a low-cost, low-power GPU capable of HD video decoding and DirectX 10-compatible PC gaming graphics power.

NVidia's ION enables the AspireRevo play 1080p HD movies, play DirectX 10 games, and run Windows Vista Premium with all 3D capabilities. It's small, sleek, space-saving, and can be used as a fully functional home office PC or as a living room PC for casual gaming on your television.

Besides being equipped with the Intel® Atom 230 processor and NVIDIA® ION GPU, the AspireRevo comes with a choice of a Serial ATA Hard Drive or Solid State Drive and up to 4GB of DDR2 memory. A Mini PCI Express slot offers the possibility of expanding memory capacity to make space for continuously growing multimedia files.

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Kakkoii4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Pretty good little package. Price of a console, but with tons more functionality and higher resolution capabilities.

TheIneffableBob4091d ago

Actually, you're right, ZuperAmazingCooKie.

TheBand1t4091d ago

Considering PC games can be modded, unlike console games, you get more bang for buck, since most mods are free. (Not to mention there are total conversion mods that change and tweak EVERYTHING, kepping it fresh.)

So technically they don't need as many games. Just games with excellent mod tools.

HDgamer4091d ago

It takes knowledge and a great deal of time to mod those games. Not just anyone can do it.

TheBand1t4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

You kidding? Even I can mod BF2 to my liking, and that games mod support is a POS.

It also takes knowledge and a great deal of time to make any game

Ju4091d ago

Forget it. That thing is dog slow. All the performance it has is coming from the Gfx chip. The CPU just crawls. I 1080p works, because the gpu does the work. Rendering maybe, too. But the iAtom is an in order CPU what based on what, the P4 ? It'll get the job done for sure, if you browse the web or watch some DVDs/Movies, etc. NVidia even promotes that running CoD4. But come one, the frame rate is lacking, and so will all current modern games. That's way they mention "casual gaming". Guess why ?

evrfighter4091d ago

"And just as many games and a community as big"



Kakkoii4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Lol nice try. PC's get just as many games, if not more than a Console does. Then there's the MMO's which bumps the numbers up even more.

The online community for PC gaming is a lot more tight knit and is quite big also. Seeing as how online gaming started with the PC. Plus there's the large modding communities creating a more interactive and diverse online community.

You don't really see any large scale XBOX 360 or PS3 gaming competitions now do you? But there are a lot of PC gaming competitions that go on in the world. With sponsorships also lol.

Sure the consoles have some nice exclusive games, but that's pretty much it. When it comes down to a true gaming platform and community, PC is where it's at.

DeadlyFire4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

No discs so how will you play these games? I see no slot for a disc or anything.

Although this can be a real benefit for gaming services like OnLive and that other service like it where no hardware or download is required.

TheIneffableBob4091d ago


External optical drives and digital distribution like Steam.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4090d ago

As easy to use as a console? Will you get the same performance and access to as many if not more exclusives than consoles have? Especially in this "cheap" package? Trophies? Home? Achievements? The same Avatars for all games? Console gaming is actually distancing itself from PC with exclusive features not found yet on PC.

If I was a hardcore PC gamer I would rather get the most powerful package than attempting to make my computer at console prices and expect it to run the latest games that come out on consoles and just as many exclusives. Besides, even if I did have that kind of PC I would still miss on some console exclusives, which would render the amount I spent on my PC as useless as I could get most of those PC games (except MMOs, at least for now).

I love simulation games on PC BTW

evrfighter4090d ago

"Trophies? Home? Achievements?"

Are you serious? if pc gamers wanted a social mmo. They'd download one of the free hundreds of mmo's out right now.

As far as trophies and achievements goes. I could never understand why console gamers care so much about these...But if you seriously want them that badly and then some. You know you only need steam. You've heard of steam right? The same steam that's offering

HL2 episode 1
Hl2 episode 2

for 10 bucks. That's right. The same amount of money you'd pay for a couple of maps and some achievement or title thingy that nobody will ever care about. I don't know how it is on console but I've probably looked at my achievement list for left 4 dead once. It's also safe to say I'll probably never check out any of my friends achievements nor will they check out mine as long as we are gaming.

Do console gamers really care about a list of things you've done in a game to the point where they wouldn't buy another platform? That's actually pretty funny.

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INehalemEXI4091d ago

acer needs to make a decent logo, that thing looks like a wii on roids.

Ju4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Well, good point. It might beat the Wii in performance...

INehalemEXI4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

They call it AspireRevo, wii's codename was...Revo..lution.

Hmmm, i like what they got going here I wonder if it will get wii ports. If it does I wonder what Ninty will say about this flattery.

Aside from the logo it looks nice and casual...they really should design a spiffy logo like how apple has apple. Acer could have , I don't have a clue what an acer is ..sure they could come up with something though.

Instead of pc why not call it a wii-C ...nah that would be a bit to much.

badkolo4091d ago

ill get it as a replacement pc, get rid of the big ones and use this, and the gaming part is just an extra plus for me, at 299 you cant go wrong, its a pc that fits in your pockets and has pretty good specs, comes with a wii like remote and plugs into monitor or hdmi right into the tv. not bad at all.

I dont see it replacing consoles but its a great desktop. especially for what most people use desktops fro anyway its perfect.

The Lazy One4091d ago

Would work great as a cheap gaming rig for MMO's or not graphical power house games.

nightelfmohawk4091d ago

But does it come with Windows?

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