ESRB demands Ninja Gaiden II launch trailer removed

Destructiod writes: Yes, seriously. In what may be the most arbitrary and silly decision yet made by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, Destructoid has been asked to remove a launch trailer we posted for Ninja Gaiden II in May 2008. Despite the fact that nobody on this site has even thought about that trailer for a year, it was deemed a threat to society and has now been removed.

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Seraphim4096d ago


What has this world come to?

What irks me is all these sites that require me to enter my date of birth to view trailers. As if some kid won't enter a date that allows his to watch it. Worse yet, I'm logged in. As a grown adult why do I have to enter my birthdate every time I want to watch a bloody trailer? Shouldn't the site recognize that I'm beyond old enough to view such content?

sunnygrg4096d ago

O_o An attempt by Microsoft to hinder Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PS3 sales??

Wink Wink ;)

Yi-Long4096d ago

... each and every screenshot of a videogame character holding a weapon!?

What a morons.

Diselage4096d ago

This is uncalled for it seems, there should be a better explanation for the action.

IdleLeeSiuLung4096d ago

Yeah, it is called when idiots rule!

DARK WITNESS4096d ago do these people get on these boards ? who put them there ? I wish i could get paid to make such important and life changing decisions.


xino4096d ago

they are trying to say you shouldn't or should stop uploading trash and failure games like Ninja Gaiden 2.

You need to upload Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2:P
the "no blood, no buy" motto by trash gamers and fanboys.

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