Gamestop shenanigans sell open games as 'new'

Gamestop isn't new to weird shenanigans in their business tactics.

After hearing about the awesomeness of God of War II all week from colleagues, a lazy Sunday drive to go pick it up seemed in order. We even called ahead to make sure they had copies and were informed they did. Arriving at the Gamestop store, we went straight to the counter and asked for God of War II. The gentlemen proceeded to ask if there was a reservation, we said there wasn't, and he walked over to the display wall and grabbed the empty box for God of War II. He then walks back behind the counter and takes some discs and the manual from the security case, we immediately realized we were experiencing the Aeropause article.

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wildcat4754d ago

This is why I only buy used games from Gamestop.

Torch4754d ago

EB Games Canada's current promotion with the very same game, God of War 2.

Upon the release date (March 13th), I headed over to my local store to pick up a copy of the game as a birthday gift for my cousin. The clerk informed me that they were running a promotion a throughout the entire month of March, which allows someone to purchase the game, play it to their heart's content, and then return it by no later than March 31st for an in-store credit in the full initial purchase amount of CN$49.99.

I simply assumed that they were confident enough to believe that the buyer would find the game so awesome, that EB would receive next to no returns as a result. The clerk even encouraged me to try to finish the game so that I could return it before the end of the month.

Still, the promotion had me scratching my head, wondering how this could possibly benefit the company.

Marriot VP4754d ago

the jokes on you, they're putting new games in the old game boxes

ElementX4754d ago

Well.... For the new games on the display racks, those cases are empty. If you reserve you get an unopened case. They want to display the original case or something for consumers to look at. They even have a "new" sticker which they seal the case with after they put the game in, so you can return it for a refund as long as you don't break the seal. I don't mind it so much. It's not like someone played it and returned the game with scratches on it. It's for loss prevention purposes. Maybe they're just too cheap to get those security boxes...

GaMr-4754d ago

Is that Martin Lawrence dressed as shanaynay....lmfao...ahahaha did anyone watch that sitcom back in the day..... holy crap thats funny. That is officially the funniest story picc I have yet to see on this site.

wildcat4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Remember Bro Man, always coming in through the emergency window?

Grown Folks Talk4754d ago

they don't put live product on the floor for people to walk out with.

calderra4754d ago

If people wouldn't steal live product, they wouldn't have to do this.
Stop stealing, you freakin' klept0z!

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