Reggie: No DLC for Punch-Out!! but there will be opportunities for Nintendo in the future

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that there are no plans to support DLC with Punch-Out!! but there will be opportunities in the future.

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ape0073465d ago

it have that old school delicios gameplay from the nes days


hope this sells well and it's good to see reggie talk about these hardcore games latelty

hope a big E3

please nintendo I want star fox a sequel to the legendary n64 game

my god star fox was 10\10,infinte replay value and pure awesomeness

please reggie read this

SinnedNogara3465d ago

No DLC for Punch-Out, but there will be 13 characters, only one of them new.

I am sure that this game will be good, but it will be disappointing to me. I will try it out and review it though.

peeps3465d ago

i didn't own an nes so never played the origanal but the vids i've seen of the wii version look boring :/ i'm sure ppl will disagree but i'm just saying what i see. the boxers just seem to stand still constantly throwing left and right punches and thats pretty much it.

peeps3465d ago

don't own a wii. like i say, never played the first and can't play this (unless i buy a wii) just voicing my opinion to work out what is getting people excited. From an outsider looking in, i can't see what the fuss is about but i'm sure for a fan of the series it's very different.