5 video games so pretty, you just want to watch them

Games, especially console games, appear to be rushing to meet their movie cousins somewhere in the middle. Here are 5 games that you'd probably be quite happy to just sit back and watch:

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Isis063517d ago

Horrible is a mild judgment...
I would say repulsive!

I mean why would you post something like this.

Marceles3517d ago

Funny thing is only 2 of those games are out.

BYE3517d ago

Where's Uncharted?

Watchmen graphics weren't spectacular at all...

Frnicatr3517d ago

I see what they did there.. they're pretty to just watch cause they're all based off of movies!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMG

JayX6663517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I hope to god mirrors edge is on there before i even look, if it isnt im going to come back and edit this comment to prove how repulsed i am!

Yepp, worst list of all time