MGU Review: The Game of Life

The Game of Life takes the basic workings of a traditional board game, and works it around the storyline of education, work, family and retirement, with the aim being to wind up as the player with the most money once all players have reached the final square.

A game consists of 2-4 players, which can either feature you against the CPU or a group of friends in single phone multiplayer (Pass and Play). Rather than roll a dice to determine your number of moves, you spin a wheel instead. The system involved with this is rather strange, as you spin the wheel by stopping a power bar with a press of the action button. For all throws following your initial one, stopping the bar at the far left or far right side increases the chances of you spinning the same number as before. If you want a different number, you must stop the bar closer to the middle. At any stage in the game, you can purchase a number as a Lifetime Investment. Each time that number comes up on the wheel thereafter, you'll receive a cash reward.

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