The Future Of Zelda?

CriousGamer Writes.....Fans have been somewhat disappointed with the last delivery of the series, and many have said that the same formula would be fairly spent, Nintendo has revealed that Twilight Princess (GC / Wii) would be the last Zelda as it what we know. But what is the meaning of this statement?

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ThatArtGuy4088d ago

Like I said prior, I won't play another Zelda until multiplayer is programmed in. I must be able to deathmatch with Link and Ganon in a gladiator arena or it's just not worth $60. Zelda's single-player campaign just doesn't cut it anymore. It's fine it's there, but in today's gaming climate, Zelda MUST have online play. </sarcasm>

moses4088d ago

You had no idea how much I wanted to slap you until I saw that sarcasm, haha.

MegaPowa4088d ago

ugh wii games are NOT 60bucks for the last TIME i'm sick of seeing people getting that mixed up 49.99 for a normal game on the wii OK!?

ZuperAmazingCooKie4088d ago

But I would love it, and there are definitely lots of possibilities, especially if you consider the amount of weapons there are in zelda. Bombs, boomerang, sword and arrow would make for awesome deathmatches. Capture the Triforce, use magic, whoever gets zelda the most time, "Epona Kart", sword fight, etcetera =) I mean there are already multiplayer games with Zelda characters, sheik, ganon, link and Zelda included. Smash Bros anyone?

Some games could definitely benefit from multiplayer. I still don't know why Uncharted came out without multiplayer when it could have surpassed Gears of War if you consider what you can do in the game in terms of gameplay. Treasure Hunt, Pirate shootouts, flag stealing, recover the kidnapped girl... seriously.

ThatArtGuy4088d ago

They're $60 in Canada. :P

Nihilism4088d ago

lol i agree, people are stupid for putting so much emphasis on multiplayer, let us not forget how valuable trophies/achievements are because the next zelda won't be the same unless i get an award, "you have achieved the care bear award for unlocking more than 10 heart containers", lol

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ape0074088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

game development,super mario galaxy is without a doubt the greatest game in this generation in my pure honest opinion,every single second in smg is a 10\10,everytime I play it,I became fully immersed in a world full of pure gaming heaven,soundtrack,even the graphics of smg are amazing,amazing art,rock solid 60 frames\sec

super mario galaxy is a representation of how talented nintendo really is,it's just unbelievable 100\10


I admit im little upsit with thier new casual thing and sometimes my emotion drives me to bash them but im heart,nintendi 4 ever,an idea just come across my mind about nintendo and thier future plans


I got a feeling that they will announce a new wii hd soon,have effecient power to compete with 360\ps3 and also have wii motion plus AND KEEPING THE ORIGIBAL WII AS IT IS,both wii and wii 2 hd will sell a lot together and a new mindblowing zelda hd will be developed for it with motion plus which look to have infinte potential

who agrees with my theory?

im I crazy or something?

feel free to agree\disagree\reply :)

ZuperAmazingCooKie4088d ago

And miyamoto at the helm of the team. I say 10 years because Mario Galaxy is what "Mario 128" was supposed to be. And that game was in development after Mario 64 came out. Yeah, mario games are great, but there's a price to pay for that greatness, and that is waiting 5 f***ing LONG years for every god damned Mario game.

DizzyDino4088d ago

if ZELDA comes out i will have 2 buy a wii. end of story

eagle214088d ago

Miyamoto knows what Zelda fans love about the series and I'm sure the next one will be awesome too. :)

bigjclassic4088d ago

fully new Zelda for the Wii. With all the trimmings (1:1 motion etc.)
And Twilight princess was epic. For me it is one of the few games this gen that I enjoyed going threw. The story and ending were really well done and was under-rated by the American 360 loving media. MGS4, Twilight Princess, SMG and KZ2 share that epic game aura that carries that game.

*Fun fact for N4G users- SMG and Twilight Princess are the two HIGHEST rated 1st party exclusives THIS CURRENT GEN. on metacritic and gamerankings* Sorry fanbots but its true.

rambi804088d ago

Miyamoto has already expressed the Zelda series' need to become more accessible to a broader group of players, stating that "lot of people who bought the Wii are not necessarily the types of people who are interested in playing that kind of game."

not too good news but lets hope they change their minds

ChickeyCantor4088d ago

Rambi, swinging your sword with Motion plus is also more accessible,
It doesn;t mean it will become worse, if they use 1:1 controls it could become better and accessible.

rambi804088d ago

Good point. And this is Miyamoto we're talking about. He was the first person to point out that casual games are harder to make as it is more difficult to keep the gamers' interest. I hope u are right.

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