Rumor: Xbox 360 Elite IPTV Capable Out of the Box

While old school Xbox 360s will probably require a firmware update of some sort to get its IPTV on, Dean Takahashi at Mercury News says that the totally unconfirmed but widely expected Xbox 360 Elite will come IPTV-ready right out of the box.

This jives with what I was told back in January when I asked Microsoft reps during the IPTV demo about a souped-up 360 to more adequately handle the demands of IPTV-namely a high-def output (HDMI) and a larger hard drive, which was to "stay tuned." With VOD (which is built into the IPTV setup, along with Live Marketplace, obviously) and DVR, 20 GB just doesn't cut it, regardless of how good the compression is.

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DJ4759d ago

and whether Sony already has IPTV plans (very likely).

Marriot VP4758d ago

they did, when they heard that Microsoft was making one

fjtorres4758d ago

Sony has no plans for IPTV simply because they can't.
Not unless they buy Siemens.
There are only two companies on planet Earth that can deliver a true IPTV solution (servers, management software, clients, etc) and they are MS (which has been working on the tech for 15 years) and Siemens, that bought out a startup that was getting ready to show off a rough protype. As is Siemens is about a year away from their first field trials. A third player, an alliance of Open Source vendors was announced last week (Sony is a member) but those guys have a mission statement and nothing else. They are about 5 years from delivering *anything*.
IPTV isn't a matter of setting up a streaming video server; it is instead heavily dependent on *backend* software.
Sony can (and should) start up a movie/tv download service this year.

But IPTV is more like starting up a Cableco.
Can't be done in any less than five years.
Sorry, but that's the nature of the beast; MS itself has been running field tests for over two years and they'll be lucky to go live by fall.

This is *not* a trivial development; that's why everybody was shocked that MS brought it to 360.

TheMART4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Ah... bull guys...

HDMI isn't nescessarry for IPTV.
A 120 GB HDD isn't either.

IPTV is streamed and by a firmware update every 360 will be equally in using it. The HDD is used ofcourse for getting HD movies download but you have to watch it within a certain amount of time. So you won't run out of space.

Streaming IPTV doesn't require a large HDD, does it?

@ Neo-geo

Working @ At&t... So what??? Not the brightest type probably. Your boss? So who is your boss? It isn't a MS spokesman, is it?

MS said at the end of 2007 IPTV will be launched. Overhere in Europe, in France and Germany, specific TV providers have been selected by MS already. Dude, have you ever downloaded a HD movie from the marketplace yet?

p.s.: not everyone has full HD at their cable. Overhere in The Netherlands there are only 2 channels party HD on cable. National Geographic and another channel you don't watch that often. So if MS get's me IPTV with many HD channels for many people that'll be just fine

gta_cb4758d ago

"MS said at the end of 2007 IPTV will be launched. Overhere in Europe, in France and Germany, specific TV providers have been selected by MS already. Dude, have you ever downloaded a HD movie from the marketplace yet?"

so it will deffinately be available in the UK? (when it first launches, not months later like Sont with the PS3 lol, only joking, not trying to start an argument) its just that i dont like the fact that i cant download any movies off marketplace even though people in USA can :(

neogeo4759d ago

so why in gods name would I spend time downloading this crap to my 360? why mart? why? why mart? why? why? just why? simply WHY?

neogeo4759d ago

my boss said there dumping IPTV at this time there is no date set. It will end up like Snes cd rom drive

Marriot VP4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

so a Internet HD television service will become a failed format??? I don't see renting HD movies across the internet failing anytime. It'll just sit alongside HD-dvd's or BR.

kinda different

BIadestarX4758d ago

You work for at&t. What do you do; there? Who is your boss? With the impact that what you are saying would have on stocks and the relationship between microsoft and [your company] you wouldn't be saying that or you wouldnt know. Heck I guarantee you that this information is above your boss and your pay rate.
Wow, look at this we just learn of AT&T plans regarding IPTV exclusive from a post. Now we all know that AT&T is "dumping IPTV".
LOL. I am sorry, but your are funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.