The great PS3 rip-off: are Brits being fleeced?

Whereas console launches in the past have seen thousands of gamers descend on shops on launch day, the PS3 has arrived with little more than a whimper.

Reviews of the new console have been mixed. However, the number one reason keeping gamers away from the shops does not seem to be concern about the PS3's performance or games line-up, but it's hefty price tag.
Sony's super-console has a recommended retail price of £425 – and that's just for the console and a single controller. If you fancy buying a couple of games, a memory card and an additional controller, the whole package is likely to set you back around £550.

The Japanese gaming giant has been slammed for the high price of its new console, but British gamers have greater cause than most to feel aggrieved: the price of a 60 GB model PS3 in the UK is £115 more expensive than in the US, £164 dearer than in Japan and a massive £180 costlier than in Hong Kong.

Rip-off Britain?
The question itself is an old one: the very term dates back to the 1990s, when UK travellers venturing abroad found that, again and again, the prices they were paying for a huge swathe of items over there were far cheaper than they were used to paying back home. In many cases, there was very little justification for the difference...

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Sie5247d ago

I want a PS3 and can afford to buy a PS3 but i wont pay that price, it's just a matter of principle for me. I have a 360 and the PS3 offers nothing extra to me as i want it purely for games, but i can see why the movie collectors do think its a bargain for the blu-ray player alone.

I will buy one eventually but only after a serious price drop and some exclusive games that interest me, so i may be waiting a while :/

techie5247d ago

The price is stupid. IMagine if it was £300...flying off the shelves.

I think that there is actually something clever about the price though...but it's a longterm thing. If you price the ps3 as an unattainable luxury item...when the price drops considerably everybody will jump to get one in their house.

ASSASSYN 36o5246d ago

1. Mart, and a whole ton of people including me said this is what would happen in europe. 2. What is sony going to do as blu-ray players become cheaper and cheaper to buy? Oh, make their system cheaper...YEAGH RIGHT!

unleash bass5246d ago

I personnally think the PS3 is a little expensive, I have a 360 and I can't justify paying the another £500+ just too play the exact same games with very slight enhancements. Although I probably will get one at some point it won't be until it reduces to around £300 maybe even a second hand one. But, It seems that this is no fault of Sony it's the UK Goverment taxing us to the hilt! This country sucks more and more 17.5% compared to the US 8.25% WOW we really do get ripped, and from our own... it's no wonder people are leaving this country in droves for the US and Australia.

Bathyj5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

For every story I've read this weekend saying lines were small, I've read another one saying business was steady. I'm starting to really get sick of the internet and this cynical persemistic view that coats everything.

Does anyone else think its strange that the person who wrote this one sided piece (of crap) writes for MSN.

Ok DB, after RE-READING it, its not as bad as I made out. It is about the country as a whole and how everything cost too much. i still dont see how its a positive for PS3 except to say why shouldn't it be dear, everything else is. People aren't complaining about the price of everything else, (at least here) they're complaining about PS3's price and I'm sick of it.

If they want to do an article about economics in the UK why even start like that, bothering to point out small lines and that other consoles have had bigger crowds at launch. Its irrelevent and just sounds like so many other flamebait articles I've read this weekend. They even brought up BC issues. Pointless. Then they go on to explain the point of their article but by then I guess I'd stopped caring what they had to say. My bad. Anyway just thought I'd reply to let you know where I was coming from.

I still say 99% of people who knock the PS3 dont have one. I cant see why anyone would hate something that's given me so much fun over the last 3 days. AND IT'S SO SHINY !!! ;)

techie5246d ago

DUde if you actually read it...this is about prices in the whol of the UK. Nobody actually read this did they? DID THEY?! Surprisingly this is a POSITIVE ps3 piece. But no, typically people just read the title. Lame

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