NZ Retailer: PS3 Pre-orders FIVES times that of Wii

Dick Smith merchandise manager James Cunnold has stated that advance sales of the PS3 have been even better than PS1, PS2, Xbox 360 and FIVE times as much as the amount experienced with regards to the Wii. Cunnold indicated a large number of gamers are going for a super expensive $1495 (NZD) bundle deal with 18 months free credit.


"Pre-orders are five times that of Nintendo Wii. Our expectation is that this is going to be our biggest gaming launch."

Mr Cunnold said many buyers were opting for the company's bundle deal, which gives an extra controller, two games and 18 months interest-free for $1495.

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techie4757d ago

WHen do we get the official sales numbers? We aren't going to see them sold out - because the next batch is already ready for next week.

CyberSentinel4757d ago

"Cunnold indicated a large number of gamers are going for a super expensive $1495 (NZD) bundle deal with 18 months free credit."

Sony has to give them a credit card in order for them to "buy" the system. More debt for Sony. Sad. PS3 is so expensive, now you can finance it!

Kyur4ThePain4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

you can walk into any store and buy anything over a certain price and get "free credit".
Really nice try there spinning this as a negative for the PS3. Your 360 must REALLY suck.

VirtualGamer4757d ago

You obviously have no idea how retail works. It's the retail company that's doing the bundle deal and the 18 months free interest not Sony.

ER1X4757d ago

It's funny when fanboys put there foot in there mouth.

tom15954757d ago

im from nz and the playstation/sony brand is sooo strong here. the original xbox was only here for a very short time and nobody cared about. even more so about the gamecube. i didnt know anyone with one. the ps2 on the other hand was very very popular

daomay4757d ago

I've got da a playstattion 3. Friends repsonse "wow"
I got a an xbox360. Friends response "ok"

PS3 = class
xbox360 = old gadget

hi there neigbour

NewZealander4757d ago

I think you need to get some facts right, for one I do agree the ps2 sold well in nz, but saying the xbox did not do well here is so far from the truth, the xbox outsold the ps2 in nz, more ppl in nz ownd a xbox than they did a ps2, I think new zealand was the only country that The xbox out sold the ps2,And as for ps3 v.s 360, I have 7 friends who own a 360 and and more who plan on buying one and some, who r still undecided between ps3 or 360, I dont know anyone with a ps3 or know anyone planing on getting one, as price here is $1200 v.s $649 for 360.

neogeo4757d ago

They don't want to give me credit because I will take the PS3 and run!!