PS3 price cut and in stock

And before you ask it isn't Play, who's selling the console as a bundle-deal only. is selling PS3 with free delivery for $409.99, saving you £15, which can go towards a game. Or a HDMI cable...

The site lists the console as "in stock" with dispatch usually happening within two days. As hawk-eyed CVG member gingerbreadman points out, "took the 360 core 6 months before it lost £10".

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techie4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Change the $ sign into a £ sign n it's all good.

I can get from virgin for £382 with my student card.

No it isn't really news - and the reason is - if you go to you get £5 off for every game you buy with the system. Woolworths you get £10 off games when you buy it. So really it's just another stores deal - it's like a bundle.

TheMART4759d ago

pfew... saving 15 pounds great. Price cut? Right... It needs to loose at least 100 euro/pound whatever to get more interesting. ANd the 360 only lost 10 pounds after 6 months? Because it sold enough I guess plus 10 pounds on a lower price is about the same as 15 pounds on a higher pricelevel.

Not much news is it...

xfrgtr4759d ago

Because the 360 was available in a limited quantity,that's not the case with the ps3,very good news for the ps3,hehehehe,stop being too jealous,you re bashing the ps3 for being too expensive,youre bashing it because of it's price cut and because of it's availability,I feel sorry for you.

power of Green 4759d ago

Because 360 launched world wide all at once. Stop being jealous. hehe

darx4759d ago

And Americans are cheap.

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