And So It Begins.................The Halo 3 Hype Machine

Mountain Dew and the Xbox are no strangers. They've been cross promoting for years. But now, the super sugary soda tastes even more Microsofty, with this limited edition Halo 3 Game Fuel version that tastes less like early morning condensation from mountains and more like Master Chief. Yes, the mysterious Spartan is infamous for his citrus cherry blend of sweetness.

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GaMr-5247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

" infamous for their citrus cherry blend of sweetness." hehe

Diselage5247d ago

This will make my collection almost complete, now I just need a Halo toothbrush, lunch box, and toenail clipper.

Chagy5247d ago

awww the joy of playing halo will sipping down some Master Chief Mountain Dew

2tired2day2hate5247d ago

promoting what has potential to be the highest selling video game of all time, thats souless. what kind of company would do that?

BIGBAER5247d ago

It's all about awareness. Halo 3 will be EVERYWHERE! Just wait for the tv and cable news segments. They're just about guaranteed!

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The story is too old to be commented.