Midway wants a piece of the PS3 pie, about 4%

Midway's boss, David Zucker, said this about their goals: "We have been pushing this for two and a half years now, investing a lot and being very heavily focused on next-generation consoles like 360 and PS3. Really this year it's about gaining market share. We're around two per cent of the market – if we can go to four per cent that would be a huge win for us and it's something we really believe we can do. We are looking to do that on next-gen platforms now. We've invested a lot of money and we have a lot of good products."

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jwatt4755d ago

Don't have mortal kombat and ut2007 both with unreal engine?

Brandon4754d ago

unreal tournament it's not from midway but epic megagames

BBsin4754d ago

Midway publishes UT3 but the IP is Epic's. They do have some interesting games being released but, midway aint like what they used to be.

calderra4754d ago

2%? Of what?
Mortal Kombat is almost a running joke at this point (Kart Kombat, Chess Kombat), and their biggest projects otherwise are... MLB Slugfest? Rampage?

UrbanJabroni4754d ago


Remember those?