Dean Takahashi : Microsoft 'Xbox 360 Elite' Fresh Info

The San Jose Mercury News' Dean Takahashi has a bit more details on the rumored Xbox 360 Elite edition that Game Informer reported on earlier this month.

Game Informer had already reported that the new, black 360 would come with a 120-gig hard drive and HDMI out and sell for $479.

Takahashi adds that the new 360 will habe IPTV capabilities, and that the new design will also implement the a chip redesign, shifting from 90 nanometer to 65 nanometer, resulting in a significant drop in cost to Microsoft.

Takahashi he thinks the introduction of the new 360, which will be produced in limited quantities, will not effect the price of the current core or 20-gig models.

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Dreamworker4755d ago

already sold in German mediamarkt for 299 euro

candystop4755d ago

Now this is going to piss me off if my current 360 which I recently purchased from Best Buy will not have IPTV functionality! I'm sure the premium can be upgraded and by the way I have two but I wonder if by any chance I can complain and return my most recent 360 for the elite and just pay the difference!

arjunsood20034755d ago

the link to the full story isnt working or theres something wrong. on clicking on it, it says "You do not have the proper permission to do this action".

Pls someonet ake care of it. thnx

TheMART4755d ago

Uhm the IPTV capabilities are for every 360. It will be implemented in it's dashboard update, it has nothing to do with other hardware...

So I doubt how much this guy actually knows of things that are implemented or not

mrkibbles4754d ago

Yeah, I think the "IPTV functionality" in the elite he talks about is the 120 Gb Harddrive! :) Maybe the box will have the dashboard update for IPTV preinstalled. I know from the pictures I see an external HDD, but I heard from somewhere that the HDD would be internal...anyone else hear that?

candystop4754d ago

Well thats good to know! I was worried I would have to buy a 3rd 360!

jigalig4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Its good that we have another option I want HDMI and a bigger Hdd and
if your like pc games this is as close as you can get without all the
trouble and money.

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The story is too old to be commented.