Final Fantasy Director: PS3 Is The Ideal Console For Final Fantasy XIII

A new scan that features an interview with Final Fantasy XIII's Director, Motomu Toriyama, has been found online by FF13 Vids. From my understanding, Toriyama talks about the Playstation 3 being an ideal console for Final Fantasy XIII and about a possible game multiplayer.

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Drew4318d ago

So, you're basing this off of one sentence? I checked it out, and it's a Japanese magazine scan. If we can get a full translation, I'm all for approving it. I want specifics, why he thinks that, etc.

Premonition4318d ago

Coming from a guy with a halo mask Icon, it seems you dont want it to be true.

Drew4318d ago

And I lose a bubble for that comment? Wow.

No. I'm just curious as to why he thinks so.

tackleb0x4318d ago

By ideal he means that no one owns it outside of japan so they wont have to go thru the trouble and cost of localizing it into english.

BBsin4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Maybe b/c the "white engine" has only been built up from the cell processor and RSX??? if this was to go to the 360 it will take time and wont be a same day release for month or that matter. Same with MetalGear4. But then again capcom said Nero's Devil hand move was only possible on the PS3 and now its on the Xbox360. If FF13 is not announced for Multi platform by the SquareEnix press party, it'll probably stay on PS3. Afterall Sony does own a big chunk of SquareEnix's shares, but never say never.

P.S. tackleb0x - didn't mean to reply to your post, my statment has nothing do to with yours.

Ludwig4317d ago

A: White Engine is ALREADY running on 360, accourding to S-E .. it was actualy build to make easier to make multiplataform games.

B: Sony doesn't own S-E shares anymore.. since enix bought square.

BBsin4315d ago

Honestly, how can ANYONE agree with the 2 points LUDWIG posted if they are --completely-- false (read below). Oh yeah i forgot, this place is infested with fanboys

jaydesi4318d ago

well i'm just waiting till May 12th for the press party, all these sites posting rumour info hear and there..don't mean jack to me.

we'll see what score is then.

BBsin4318d ago

Especially since it's close to april and people will want to post april fools jokes with BS articles. I'm not believing anything unless i see it quoted straight from SquareEnix.

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