Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death visits Weekly Geek Show

You hope that nobody gets it, it's curable, but anecdotal evidence continues to pile-up and show the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death seems to be far more prevalent than gamers would hope. Like any disease, coming out and discussing it is what gets people talking about the problem and acknowledging that there may be a greater issue here. At a minimum, it would be nice to finally get some answers.

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InMyOpinion4763d ago

They can find a cure for it using the Ps3's [email protected]?

Antan4763d ago

Hahaha! very funny Jenzo.......!! you`d get a bubble from me if i could, but i can`t!!

ASSASSYN 36o4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

HaHA I took one. If this is all you sony nuts have to laugh at then by all means humor your self but understand this. That is all you have. Not the commercials, success of xbox-live, games, exclusive bound to Xbox and given by sony procrastination.

Blackmoses4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

LMFAO....that is funny as hell!!! lol....I can see it now, " folding at home helping find a cure for the rings of death " lol!!!!!!

Ever noticed that as often as this story comes up, every 360 owner always say " it has'nt happened to me...I've had mine since launch"

lol....whatever!!!! I know at leat 11-12 people who have lost their boxes to this horrible!!!!

FordGTGuy4763d ago

Usually have done something stupid enough to make it happen.

Silverwolf4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

I went thru two systems, hardware failure is just that hardware failure. Sometimes I agree people can be the cause, but in my case and many, many others it went bad due to a faulty system. Hell I remember seeing reports of the protective tin being left on the GPU's thermal paste. MS designed the system very well, it's the company putting the damn thing together that's messing up!

FordGTGuy4763d ago

I didn't say all I just said most.

DJ4763d ago

360 Kiosks getting the ring of death. Must be that harmful encased environment. The plastic is just too safe for its own good.

It's obvious that the quality of the 360 console is a bit suspect; in contrast, we don't hear countless stories of PS3s or Wiis randomly dying on people from firmware updates or firing up a new game. One of the reasons both I and probably millions of people aren't ready to buy a 360 is because of these reports.

It was bad enough that 360 owners were initially blamed for the disc-scratching (secondary ring of death), that is until a bunch of internet videos proved that one need not even move the console to permanently destroy a $60 game. =/

Daytona4763d ago

Anyone, especially a ps3 fan could say this w/o proof. I mean I could say "folding @ home gives ps3's cancer inside CPU". It doesn't but I could lie and say it does.

BTW, [email protected] is fantastic and everyone should do it.

Ms and the Xbox 360 should do this as well, it's a great help.

Not taking anything away from the ps3 but even the Wii could do this program. Remember when they refer to how better a ps3 can do this as compared to a PC, there refering to the average PC. It's probably 3 yrs. or more old with 128k and a single core, so yeas the PS#, Xbox 360, and the Wii could all do this more quickly that most/average PC's can do.

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The story is too old to be commented.