Uncharted Movie To Star Matthew McConaughey?

TPSN have received an anonymous tip about casting for the Uncharted movie. The tipster claims that Nathan Drake is to be played by Matthew McConaughey. Read the full piece for more info.

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DragonWarrior_45268d ago

I approve this if it is true. He was awesome in Reign of Fire. Freakin bad ass.

News4fanboys5268d ago

i agree with you 100% that riegn of fire was the greatest movie he's ever done imo.. i dont really like him at all but damn was he badass in that movie.
i wouldnt cast him as nathan drake but ya never know.
ill let naughty dog do the casting or the decision making... i put fully trust in them.

WhittO5268d ago (Edited 5268d ago )

i didnt even know they were making an Uncharted movie - why not have the guy who actually acts Nate in the game ? lol. Hes an actor and IS actually Nate.
If they had great special effects and story etc, they wouldnt need a big name to draw an audience, the fact Matthew McConaughey would be in it turns me away because he really annoys me.

I seem to like movies with great unknown actors more than movies with these stuck-up, pose in every scene people lol, because there seems to be more focus on the film itself and not on the actors (the way it should be!)

lomion55268d ago

Nathan Fillion is by far the best choice for the role...alas.

WhittO5268d ago

^^ ye actually Nathan Fillion would be good as Nate as he has the same sort of character in Firefly/Serenity...and can act lol.

5267d ago
KazthebigmouthHirai5267d ago

I don't even know why they're making a movie for this piece of sh-t game in the first place. Seriously, the graphics aren't as great as Sony fanboys make them out to be an neither is the gameplay, this is just a half-a$$ed game with an Indiana Jones wannabe character in it. Basically this game sucks major balls, get over it!

LastDance5267d ago (Edited 5267d ago )

they aready made this movie...it is called fools gold.

OGharryjoysticks5267d ago

Naughty Dog said they used Johnny Knoxville as the model for the character. To have anyone but him then is wack.

DragonWarrior_45267d ago

I agree, I feel the same way about gears 1 and 2. I dont even know why people say its the best looking game out still when obviously games like GTP, Killzone, and Metal Gear wipes the floor to even the most demanding pc games.

Snoogins5267d ago

Around the release of Uncharted there was an interview that tackled this very subject on the PS Blog. Either the director or one of the producers said they were very BIG Firefly/Joss Whedon fans, which is why they used the composer of the Firefly series to write the music. Who did they want as Drake? Nathan Fillion, who the character is loosely based (don't know where people got Johnny Knoxville). Also, have Whedon write/direct and use the same composer and you'd have one amazing film. In my mind, that's the only option that can work.

SL1M DADDY5267d ago (Edited 5267d ago )

Yeah but Nathan Drake doesn't talk out of the side of his mouth... Seems like an odd fit if you ask me.

- Ghost of Sparta -5267d ago (Edited 5267d ago )

I agree with the people who said Nathan Fillion should get the part. His character in Serenity reminded me so damned much of Drake.

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DelbertGrady5267d ago

It's either him or Zac Efron.

-x.Red.x-5268d ago

why not have Nolan North himself?
i know he's a voice actor but he IS Nathan Drake

lukeb4dunk5268d ago

...I wondered the same thing. In those behind the scenes clips in the first Uncharted, I watched and could see him actually being Nathan in a movie. He looks like Nathan, he sounds like Nathan (obviously) and hell, he even acts like Drake (obviously).

erathaol5267d ago

Hollywood has a way of covering their asses when it comes to Game to Movie and Comic to Movie franchises. They put in big name actors so that they can still rake in some sales from their fans and maybe even get people talking about how the actors "could potentially have the talent to make the movie good." When usually big name actors don't take the movie seriously and prefer just to be in a movie to get a big check. If it does well their happy, if it doesn't, than it was just a comic/video game movie no one cares. People do care though, the fans care.

Matthew McConaughey would be a terrible choice for Nathan Drake. He's one of those actors who just has a face and a single tone in acting. He can't pull of what Nathan Drake is about, it would be disappointing to see Hollywood take this franchise and make a mockery of it. Just like every other Video Game franchise they have ruined over the years.

Crazay5268d ago

Not a bad choice. He fits the look and the physical attributes.

Amnesiac5268d ago

"Hey man, you got a joint?"


"Well, it'd be a lot cooler if you did"

Wolverick5268d ago (Edited 5268d ago )

Ha thats classic..

You know what i love about high school girls?
I keep getting older, and they stay the same age.

Wolverick5268d ago

You just gotta keep living man. L-I-V-I-N

PS360PCROCKS5267d ago

Haha first thing I thought of was that movie, lol funny comments guys

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